Dark Souls 2 Guide: Through the Shaded Woods to the Scorpioness Najka

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Through the Shaded Woods to the Scorpioness Najka

The Shaded Woods is full of many fog-shrouded paths. Follow our guide through the mist to take on the Scorpioness Najka and claim her treasures.

The Shaded Woods

Take the path to the right of the path that leads to the Forest of Fallen Giants. Head through the ruins and speak with Benhart, the man at the end of the path, to learn of the statue in the structure ahead. Enter the structure and use one of the Fragrant Branches of Yore you found earlier to bring the statue back to life.

Speak to Rosabeth to obtain a Prism Stone. If you continue to speak to her, she eventually opens a pyromancy store for you. If you have any spare armor you can trade it to her to make the store a permanent fixture in Majula, then pull the lever that she once blocked. Several enemies will ambush you from behind as soon as you pull the lever, though, so be ready to fend them off.

Defeat the enemies, then head through the newly opened door. You can then speak to Benhart again to learn the Joy gesture.

Head into the next room and open the door on the far right to find a coffer that holds an Estus Flask Shard. Open the door on the other side of the room to find a bonfire. Light the fire, then head up the stairs. Jump over to the left side to find a single enemy in the first door, and an enemy alongside a Soul of a Proud Knight and Human Effigy in the second door.

Jump over to the other side to find another enemy in the first door and an enemy alongside a Broadsword through the second door. Pull the lever near the entrance at the bottom of the stairs to open both doors, then head up the stairs and through the doorway. Follow the path into the Shaded Woods.

Kill the two enemies ahead and pick up the Falchion. Continue onwards down the path and quickly take out the two enemies ahead. Two more enemies will bombard you from above. Continue forward, then up the hill to the left to engage the other two enemies and find a Pharros' Lockstone.

Keep moving down the path and take out the next three enemies in the clearing ahead, then continue down the path to the left. Take out the next enemy, then light the bonfire. This room has staircases on either side and three exits; straight ahead, to the right, and to the left. Head up the stairs to the right. Talk to the man at the top, then head through the doorway into the fog.

It's extremely difficult to see in the fog and, unlike in darkness, torches will not help you. Keep your shield up as you progress through the area, hugging the left wall to follow the easiest route. When you reach a small clearing, circle out the outside to find a Fire Seed, then head back into the fog and continue to hug the left wall to reach a set of stairs leading out of the fog.

If you try to make your way through the fog, enemies that are very hard to see will attack. They tend to circle around you and land a critical strike from behind or shoot arrows from a distance. It is nearly impossible to combat these enemies on even ground, but they can be defeated. Watch for the faint white silhouettes, and when a figure attacks, damage it to see the enemy's health bar -- adjust your settings if you have this feature turned off. Follow the health bar to determine the location of the enemy.

Throughout the fog there are several items ranging from souls to Lifegems. It's not possible to provide an exact location as the fog makes this journey blind. However, you can make your way through the fog, combating the nearly invisible enemies to obtain the little items hidden within; do so at your own risk, however, and be careful of the cliff edge, as it can be difficult to see in the fog.

When you're done rummaging through the fog, head up the stairs on the far left side, into the room and up the ramp. Continue up the next ramp to reach the top platform, then walk to the end to find a Radiant Lifegem. Head back down the last ramp and light the bonfire just behind it.

Continue toward the end of the platform, and jump down to the path below when you see an opening to the right. Time your jump so that you roll through the window and into the dark room beyond. Head up the path to the left, then enter the room at the end on the right. Kill the enemies inside, including the one that comes at you from behind, then pick up the item to obtain a Twinkling Twilight.

Head through the door at the end of the small room to find a Soul of a Brave Warrior and three Firebombs, then head back outside and across the wooden bridge. Head down to the end of the platform, hugging the left wall after you pass under the chest. Go through the opening to the left and immediately turn to the left. Watch out for the jars throughout this area as they will curse you if you stay in close proximity to them for too long. Quickly break them to prevent this.

Take out the three enemies, but be careful to avoid engaging the frog. Even when battling the lesser enemies, it's very difficult to stun these enemies, which means you need to block or evade their attack, then counter with only a single attack. Any more than that and you risk getting hit by their next attack, which inflicts considerable damage.

Head into the small structure on the right, then down the ramp inside. Break open the barrels to find the Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Pharros' Lockstone. Continue through the opening and around to the left to find a coffer that holds a Dark Scythe. Jump over the small ledge and make your way around to position yourself nearby, but above the large scorpion if you wish to take him down -- you'll receive a Second Dragon Ring for your trouble. Alternatively, if you have the Whispering Ring, you can speak with him to make him an ally.

Go through the opening in the corner, head through the corridor and kill the enemy in the room at the end. In the corner is a Torch. Pick up the item, then head back to the main area where the large frog can be found.

Kill the large frog ahead. To do so, if you're a melee fighter, move in front of it until it prepares to spit gas toward you. At this point move to the side and attack two or three times depending on the speed of your weapon. After attacking, ready your shield. Do not attack more than this because its attacks inflict a huge amount of health damage, but drain very little stamina if you block them. Block the attack, then counter with two or three more attacks. Repeat the process until it's dead.

Defeat the frog to find a Petrified Dragon Bone. Continue past where the enemy once stood to find another enemy. Make your way to the far left corner, and head up the stairs to find a Pharros' Lockstone and the Soul of a Brave Warrior. Turn around and head back to the open area, then to the left.

Take down the enemy, then pick up the item in the corner. Be careful not to step on the wood or you'll fall into the room below and be ambushed by enemies. The item in the corner is a Lifegem. Grab it then continue down the path to take on the next enemy.

Head into the ruins on the left and up the winding staircase. When you reach the top, head to the end to find a Soul of a Brave Warrior and a Skeptic's Spice. Go back down the stairs, out the doorway and into the next door on the right. Continue down the path to find the mist door that leads to the boss battle against Scorpioness Najka.

Boss Battle: Scorpioness Najka

Rush toward the boss and immediately attack her while she's stuck in the sand. If you linger at a distance, she uses powerful ranged magic attacks which can be difficult to avoid. Attack her a couple of times, then back away as she bursts out of the sand. If you're too close when she emerges, you will take damage.

Najka uses a few attacks that are relatively easy to evade or block. If you're good at evading magic attacks, stay at maximum range and dodge her magic projectiles. If she gets close, continue to back away. If you're a melee character, stay just outside of her melee attack range. She uses a three-hit combo that starts with two attacks from her mandibles, followed by an attack with her spear. Block the two mandible attacks, then evade her spear and counter with several attacks of your own.

When her tails start to wiggle, back away to avoid being caught by them. If you're hit, they drain a significant amount of health. While both tails are stuck in the ground, she is vulnerable to multiple attacks, so take full advantage of this.

If she goes underground, stand on any of the stone pieces sticking out of the sand. There is a large piece near the corner, but any of the stone slabs will work. If you remain on the sand, she bursts out of the ground beneath you, inflicting significant damage.

This pattern repeats throughout the battle, though you can adjust it to your advantage by choosing which part of Najka to attack. If you're skilled at dodging magic attacks, you may wish to cut off both of her tails; if not, be sure to aim your attacks at her body instead.

After defeating the boss, head through the doorway in the corner and up the stairs to the Door of Pharros.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here.

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