Dark Souls 2 Guide: Heide's Tower of Flame, Beat the Dragonrider

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Heide's Tower of Flame, Beat the Dragonrider

Now it's time to tackle Heide's Tower of Flame and work your way to the epic Dragonrider battle. We have the tactics to beat him!

Heide's Tower of Flame

Return to Majula and activate the Blacksmith by unlocking the hit door. Take the Short Bow. and then speak to the Blacksmith.

Walk over to the ruined house and unlock the door. Look for a pile of books, and grab the Pharros Lockstone. Continue down the left hallway, take a left turn and then climb the stairs. On the left is a room containing three Titanite Shards and three torches.Go back downstairs, and then down the next stairs until you reach a skeleton, who you need to fight.

Just beyond is a Estus Flask Shard, and through the doorway on the left you'll find a coffer with a Soul Vessel. Exit the house and walk over to the church. Go downstairs, through the hallway on the right and then take the winding stairs down to where there's a level. Pull it, and then go back upstairs and into the room on the right to enter the Tower of Flame.

This is where things start getting tougher. Go down the walkway and fight the first enemy. Watch for his vertical attacks, as they can be deadly. When he pulls off his second horizontal attack, move to the right and behind him. Then he'll swing a third horizontal attack the other way to which he just attacked, so get ready to move left and behind him. Now you've got his pattern down, you can start moving in to get in some hits of your own to take him down. Again, slowly and carefully does it. Reckless does not.

Once he's dispatched, head left to the next bonfire and set it ablaze. Ascend the stairs and take on the second enemy. He has a similar pattern to the first guy, but this time around he mixes them up, so you have to basically watch and react. If you stay fairly close in front of him, he'll use more vertical attacks, which give you more room to dodge left or right. As before, watch his moves, and jump in to take a hit the moment his attack is over. If the plan falls apart, roll away, and then reposition yourself until he starts hacking at you with verticals again. Then you can start working on him again.

When you've beaten him, head to the far side of the walkway and take the Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Human Effigy. Go back upstairs and grab the Lloyds Talisman. Don't attack the third enemy up there, and he won't attack you.

Head over to the circular area, where you'll find three enemies. There's a doorway on the left that you can go into, but there are two more enemies behind it. However, there's also a Divine Blessing inside. You'll inevitably have to fight the enemy that guards the right-hand doorway, which you can enter to find a path that leads to the an area below. There's a chest to the right containing Rubbish. Goad the enemy into following you, and when you can, slip past and into the mist.

Boss Battle: Dragonrider

Important note: whenever the Dragonrider attacks you with a spear lunge, you'll be knocked a considerable distance back. So that means if you're anywhere other than pretty much the center of the platform, you'll die. When he does knock you back, return to the center of the platform as quickly as is safe.

Dragonrider's forward lunge incorporates a two-part horizontal sweep attack that is fairly damaging, but not fatal. However, a forward lunge is pretty useless if your enemy is behind you, so that's where you should be. Stay behind him, and you'll be gold. As before, wait for his attack, then run in and drop however many attacks your weapon lets you and then back out. Use a magic weapon for additional damage, and as always, play it safe. Don't wreck a perfectly executed fight by risking an extra tiny hit. Waiting a little longer to attack again is much better than starting over.

Whe the boss has been bested, enter the doorway on the opposite side of the mist and go upstairs. Light the bonfire and speak with Licia to learn healing spells called Miracles.

Cross the room and go downstairs and through the doorway. Take the winding stairs look for the Monastery Charm at the bottom. Enter the next doorway and you'll find two avoidable enemies. Continue straight on, and you'll find a Human Effigy, Dark Torches, the Soul of a Proud Knight, and an Old Knight Halberd.

Return to the room you just passed near the stairs, go inside and take the stairs inside. Watch out for enemies, but they can all be avoided if you go straight through the doorway, take a right and then go straight down the hall. Take the elevator to the floor below, enter the doorway, splash through the water and go into the hole in the wall.

Navigate the rocks, light the bonfire and speak to Lucatiel. Now you can enter the cave and on into No-Man's Wharf.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here. If you need help with the next area here's where you can find a walkthrough of No-Man's Wharf, how to summon the ship and tactics to beat the Flexile Sentry boss.

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