Dark Souls 2 Guide: No-Man's Wharf, Beat the Flexile Sentry

Dark Souls 2 Guide: No-Man's Wharf, Beat the Flexile Sentry

Our Dark Souls 2 guide continues with a journey through No-Man's Wharf, the battle that happens when you summon the ship - and how to beat the Flexile Sentry.

No-Man's Wharf

Most important thing to know initially is that Pharros Lockstone can be used to weaken the enemies in this area. This is useful, because they're tough.

Things start with some avoidance as you dodge the hail of arrows. Negotiate that safely, and then head downstairs to the left and kill the enemy. Go over to the small wooden ship, enter the left-hand room and take out the enemies. Go upstairs and look for the chest containing a Titanite Shard.

Enter the doorway and take out the enemy on the other side. Note that this enemy type will use a Estus Flask to regain health if he gets the chance, so make sure you keep up a constant attack. At the end of the platform is the Soul of a Proud Knight. Head back down the stairs, through the doorway and bear left. You'll have two more enemies to deal with and then you can continue onwards to the left. Drop down to the water and take the Large Soul of a Lost Undead and Life Gem.

Take the wooden pathway, stopping to kill the enemy there before moving onto the house on the left. Inside is an enemy, along with three Dark Pine Resins. Exit the house and go over to the very run-down building. The crates there contain 10 Iron Arrows.

Go back outside, and take a right to where there's a group of enemies at the top of a set of stairs. Walk halfway up and turn head towards the two soldiers. Fight them, and then go inside the garrison.

There are three enemies to take care of with on the ground floor. Don't forget to also look for a coffer that contains a Bandit Axe, Brigand Hood, Brigand Armor, Brigand Gauntlets, and Brigand Trousers. Go up to the second floor and fight two more enemies. Once you're done, check the chest for Repair Powder and a Titanite Shard.

Go back to the ground floor, and head out the door. By the edge of the cliff there's face, so insert a Pharros Lockstone into it. That will help weaken the enemies in the area. Move down a small wooden ramp to the left there's a Large Soul of a Proud Knight and three Small Smooth and Silky Stones.

Drop down to the ledge below and climb the stairs to the far right. Avoid the enemies and head into the building on the left and go upstairs. Take out the single enemy, then enter the doorway that leads to the building opposite you. Defeat the next enemy, then go to the edge of the doorway and wait until the other enemy sees you. Kite him into the building and then give him the beatdown.

If you have a ranged weapon, you can now shoot the soldier and dog from the safety of the building. Go left upstairs, turn the corner and take out the three beasts. If you forgot to light the area, this will be hard, and require some kiting around. But hopefully you were reading this carefully, and made it easy for yourself.

On the edge of the cliff is a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and an Emit Force. Go into the building in front of you, and arm your ranged weapon. Open the door, and to the left you'll see two beasts. They'll start smashing down the wall to get to you, so let them have it with your ranged weapon before they break through.

Continue to the next room, and on to the third room upstairs. Take out the two beasts and enter the door. You'll find Gavlan in the corner, who sells poison weapons and other gear. Take your time selling stuff you no longer need, and gear up with what you do. Also check the chests. The right one is poisoned, but you can cure that with medicine. And yes, it's still worth doing, because if you open both chests you'll get two Silver Talismans and a Greatsword.

Go outside and turn left into the next building. Take out the enemies on the first and second floors. Use the balcony, then head upstairs and look for the lever on the left, Pull it to summon the ship. Before you go back inside the house, take the two Life Gems and the Homeward Bone just below.

Go down the stairs, and look for the 10 Fire Arrows halfway down. There are two demonic beasts below, so use ranged attacks to dispatch them. If they get close, finish them with a melee weapon.

Use the door in the corner and go down to the right until you reach the rocky ramp. Go over to the house on the right and kill the guard upstairs. Continue up to the third floor and through the short hallway. Pull the rope, and you'll connect this area with the previous one.

Go back to the rocky ramp and head downstairs. Two more demonic beasts are lurking in the building to the left. Go down the path and look for a row boat containing a Human Effigy and two Life Gems. Follow the pier, but watch out for the two guards below it.

Summon the Ship

Continue left along the pier, and then up the stairs and speak with Carhillion - who's really useful for magic users, but not much good for those who aren't. Return to the pier and head towards the ship.

When you board the ship, immediately take out the archer on the left . Two guards will then attack from the other side of the ship. Deal with them and then eliminate the final archer near the wheelhouse. From the deck, go downstairs and into mist for another boss battle.

Boss Battle: Flexile Sentry

There are trio of tactics that need to be used here. A longer-ranged attack that can be used at a distance, such as a lance or spells is key. Using the mast in the middle of the battle area strategically can lessen the effectiveness of the Flexile Sentry's jumping ranged attacks. Lastly, keep up a good pace of attack. The rising water essentially gives this fight a timer, and the longer you take, the harder it becomes to move around and avoid the boss.

The Sentry employs two different attacks: a pair of spiked clubs and dual swords. Both are long range attacks, with the sword side being more frequent than the club side. Therefore, stick more to the club side, and you'll give yourself more time and space to work in.

Using the mast as a barrier to stop the sentry from using long range attacks is key. Watch out for either one horizontal attack or two vertical attacks followed by an extra double club attack. That's when you have your biggest opportunity to run in and let rip. Speed is essential here. The Sentry rarely deploys a single attack, so always be prepared for two - and if you're close to the sentry, very likely a third.

Once the Sentry is dispatched, enter the doorway and climb the ladder to find a Pyromancy Flame and a Fireball. Examine the circular object in the corner, and then return to the pier. Head left through the corridor and into the room there.

Take the elevator to the next floor up, and enter the middle cell to find the Soul of a Proud Knight and a Radiant Lifegem. Go through the doorway and up the stairs and you'll enter Lost Bastille.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 guide and complete walkthrough can be found here. Up next is the Lost Bastille, and it has some pretty tricky areas to navigate. But there are some key items that will help you on your way. We'll tell you where to find them!

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