Dark Souls 2 Guide: Forest of Fallen Giants, Kill the Last Giant

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Forest of Fallen Giants, Kill the Last Giant

This section of our Dark Souls 2 guide continues with a walkthrough of the Forest of Fallen Giants, and some useful tactics that'll help you beat the Last Giant.

The Forest and the Last Giant

Continue downstream and keep an eye our for a Life Gem, small alcove and a bonfire on the right. At the river's end, look for a Soul of the Lost Undead. Follow the path and climb the ladder. Fight the enemies there, and when you've beaten them, grab the Life Gem and Broken Straight Sword. It goes without saying you need to dodge the arrows, so carefully work your way over to the opening. Inside, there's a ladder. If you're strong enough, you can climb down and fight the white knight to be awarded the Heide Knight Sword. However, it's not easy, so unless you really fancy your chances, it's probably better to ignore him for now, and climb the ladder. Take down the two enemies at the top. It's a tight area, so keep moving backwards to give yourself space to work in. When the enemies are dealt with, take the stairs and go right where the path forks. Take the Soul of the Nameless Soldier and smack down the archer whose arrows you had to dodge earlier. He's on the left, if you can't find him.

Continue down the path, making sure you don't miss the Shortsword and Soul of a Lost Undead. Work your way downwards and walk into the mist. Follow the left-hand path, but be careful. Around the next corner you'll be ambushed by three enemies. In the room on the right you can find a Wood Bolt.

Walk down the hallway and up the stairs, avoiding the bombs and arrows, to get to the ladder on other side. Take the Buckler, but be prepared to fight the enemy that emerges the moment you take it.

Climb the ladder and and run to the other side, making sure you look for the Witching Urn. After another enemy encounter, go to the middle of the area and drop down to the broken wall. Eliminate the two enemies below, and then jump the gap (or drop down and use the ramp) so you can take the the Human Effigy on the other side of the arena.

Use the tree to access the Soul of a Lost Undead and Torch items below. Once you're back on the ground, go across and take the three Life Gems. Enter the cave to find the Soul of a Proud Knight. Two enemies will appear when you grab it, so be prepared.

Wait for the fire to calm down, and then go into the door on the left to find a coffer containing a Fire Longsword. Return to the tree and use the hole in the wall to reach a staircase that takes you back to the top of the area. Scale the ladder and enter the doorway midway along the right-hand side of the balcony.

Set the bonfire alight, and use the store there to fill up. Take the ladder on the far side of the fire and deal with the enemy that attacks you. Walk away from the door, kill the enemy you encounter and climb the stairs to cross over to the other side.

Eliminate the next enemy, and then take the Soul of a Lost Undead that's in the corner of the room. Don't worry about that door - it's locked. Instead, head over to the stairs and through the door on the right hand side. Fight the enemy and go into through the mist.

Cross the tree and go over the the wall. Drop down onto the wooden platform. Enter the building and fight the enemies, making sure you grab the torch when you're done. Drop down near where you entered, and then scale the ladder to the platform. Fight your way up the ramp and over the roof.

Leap over to the platform and take care of the enemy, and then drop down to the platform on the right. Move to the entrance at the end - but watch out for the rolling boulder. Once inside, take the Human Effigy. Cale is at the end of the corridor on the right, and has the House Key for use at Majula. An Amber Herb can be found right at the end of tje corridor.

Retrace your path until you reach a ladder on the left. Go down the path and and fight the enemy, then drop down a level to the left and use the ramp to climb up to the roof of the house. Keep left and edge around the side of the building and then drop to the wooden platform.

Look for a ramp down, and then take the Titanite Shard next to the gate. Use the ramp to reach the ladder, and then climb that, and the tree that's there. Fight the enemies and climb yet another ladder and fight yet another enemy.

Drop down and head left until you reach a pair of enemies. Dodge the enemies' attacks and use the barrels to kill them. Once you're done you a path will appear that takes you to a bonfire.

Continue onwards and fight the enemies until you reach a ladder. Climb down, and then go downstairs and look for the a Green Blossom. Watch for the crossbow trap in the wall. To avoid it, walk forward to trigger it and then immediately back up so the bolts miss you. Kill the enemies that appear and then go inside and take the Great Soul Arrow, a Large Soul of a Lost Undead and a Blue Wooden Shield.

Climb down the ladder behind the crossbows and you'll find a coffer with a poison cloud trap that contains a Titanite Shard. So obviously, don't just open it. Instead, go to the corner of the room where there's a mechanism with a face and use the Pharros Lockstone. Take a second to remember how you got here, because you'll need to return.

Go back up the stairs, leave the room and walk straight ahead. Watch for fire bombs being flung by the enemy above, and go through the doorway on the right. Now you can take care of the enemy. Go through the doorway and pick up the Large Soul of a Lost Undead found next to the tree. Climb the left ladder and continue along the path until you reach the Light Crossbow on the right. Take that, and continue to the end of the path, then use the corridor to access the area on the right.

There are three enemies to fight, and beyond them a coffer with a Mail Breaker and Infantry Helm. Dropping down puts you back in the courtyard, and you can then climb the ladder to reach the broken path on the left. Climb the ramp and smash the cart. At the end of the path, climb through the window and fight the three enemies lurking in the hallway.

Three more enemies wait at the bottom of the stairs, but besting them will get you a trio of Aromatic Oozes. Continue along the hall and enter the doorway to the right. Beat three more enemies in the courtyard and then return to the arena.

Walk past the spot where you fought the enemy with turtle armor, and into the corridor beyond. Climb the stairs on the right and fight two enemies, and then continue a little further and tackle the next one. Grab the Amber Herbs. At the top of the stairs there's a Life Gem and Homeward Bone. Once you've grabbed those, walk to the stone sword and fight the enemies. Close by is a Halberd and a Soul of a Nameless Soldier, so grab those and then go back to the stone sword and walk into the mist.

Enter the room without a torch and kill the bug and an enemy acquire a Titanite Shard, a Large Leather Shield and a Life Gem. Exit and go down to the far right and locate the 10 Fire Arrows. Enter the door in front of you, where you'll find a ladder and bonfire.

Go into the elevator and ride down. Fight the enemy at the end of the corridor and then walk into the mist and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss Battle: The Last Giant

The Last Giant follows a basic attack pattern and the trick to beat him is simply moving around to avoid his hits, and make your move when it's safe to duck in a take a chunk out of his health. Going straight at him will likely result in your death. Being patient will result in his.

The boss starts with five different attacks:

  • Fall forward for big damage
  • Hand sweep if you get too close in front of him
  • Jumping back stomp if you get too close to him from behind
  • Fist crush if you're close and within his reach
  • Triple stomp to the left or right if you're close to either side of him

Stay mobile and avoid getting cornered, or stuck too close to a wall. Find the middle ground between the edge of the room while being out of his range and essentially keep moving into the space created as he moves towards you. At this point an effective move is to move in carefully and tempt him into a sweep move. Quickly duck back, and then run in under him and drop a couple of hits on him and before quickly moving out. A fast weapon will let you get in three hits, while a slower weapon lets you get a single, bigger hit. Ultimately, the weapon you find that gives you the most breathing space is the one to use.

When his health is halved, he rips his arm off and uses that, increasing his range. Use the same technique, but obviously stay further back, and make sure your run in is well timed. If for any reason you've hesitated, don't risk it. You can do this all day if needed: doing it right is more important than doing it quickly.

Once you've beaten him, go back to the bonfire and take the stairs near the entrance. Use your newly-acquired Soldier Key to open the locked door at the end of the hall. Break the cart in the room to reveal a Hand Axe and Radiant Life Gem. Check out the coffer, and you'll find a Small Leather Shield and Repair Powder. Past the next door is yet another coffer with an Estus Flask Shard and a Small White Sign Soapstone.

Drop down to the tree branch, take the Divine Blessing and then drop again into the room below. Enter the hole, turn left and climb down the ladder. Continue along the path until you meet a person and talk to him. He'll give you a White Soap Stone.

Return to the merchant near the bonfire and buy Lenigras's Key and Pharros Lockstone. The first unlocks the hut in Majula and gives you access to the Blacksmith, and the second can be used in the face-shaped mechanism near the room with the crossbows to turn the damn things off.

Drop back down the ladder, take the staircase and go right. Unlock the door using the Soldier Key and turn left, where you'll find a door that you'll need to show the Symbol of the King. You'll have to come back here, so remember where it is. No continue all the way down the corridor and take the Ring of Restoration and three more torches from the coffer there.

Return to the bonfire and enter the opening in the wall. Go left, down a ladder and you'll find yourself in the room with the crossbows. Use the ladder behind the crossbows, and use the Pharros Lockstone to make an image of a face. Hit it to reveal a room, and then go inside. A Titanite Slab and a Chloranthy Ring can be found in the coffer.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here. The next part of our walkthrough continues with Heide's Tower of Flame and strategies on how to beat the Dragonrider boss.

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