Dark Souls 2 Guide: Things Betwixt and Majula Walkthrough

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Things Betwixt and Majula Walkthrough

Our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough starts with Things Betwixt, where you create your character and head to Majula to begin your adventure.

Things Betwixt

Take a good, deep breath. Exhale slowly. Now remember: Dark Souls 2 loves nothing more than to kick your ass - and it'll kick it pretty damn hard. So just be prepared. But you knew this already, and that's why you're here. To prove that you really are tougher than one of the today's most ruthless, take-no-prisoner games.

When you've finished watching the intro, work your way through the bush, walk up the staircase and cross the bridge. Enter the hut you find there and you'll be treated to another cutscene, and then you can have fun creating your avatar. Once your hero is to your liking, head outside. Walk over to the cart, where you can find a Soul of the Lost Undead and a torch. Spark it up, and walk into the entrance.

Walk into the mist on the left and keep on going until you find a dagger. Which is handy, because there are also two enemies here. Return from whence you came, and you'll find more mist. Practice your moves and then continue onwards to find two Amber Herbs.

Look for the next misty area, which should be on the left and keep on going until you hit a tree. Knock it down and use it to traverse the gap. Fight the two enemies you encounter, and then climb out of the area where the second enemy was using the ladder. Take out the final enemy and head into the mist.

One more enemy and another tree knockdown later, and you're back on the main path and ready to hit Majula, the main hub for Dark Souls II.

Majula: The Adventure Begins

Walk down the path towards the dead knight. On the left there's a Divine Blessing, and beyond that there's the entrance to the winding tunnels. Go inside and grab the Life Gems and Homeward Bones. Use the stairs, open the door on the left and kill the enemy there. Grab Lloyd's Talismans.

Backtrack, and go down the path until you reach the next bonfire, which you can should ablaze. Talk to the woman in black - she's over by a tree near the cliff, and then comes down to the bonfire when you speak. Now you're able to use bonfires to level up, plus you also receive the Estus Flask, which gives you the ability to heal. Which you just know you'll need. Walk over to the hut and talk to the man outside. Then continue around the right hand side of the building to find the Soul of the Nameless Soldier and a Life Gem. There's another one near the tent on the left. Once you've got it, enter the doorway on the right of the tent and descend into the hallway below.

Go to the hut on the left - and speak to the person who's locked themselves out. On the right of the hut is Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Life Gem. There's another one on the far left, under a tent. Go into the door on the right of the tent, then walk downstairs to the hallway on the right. Halfway down the winding stairway is a coffer containing a Crimson Parma.

Head downstairs and look for a level. Pull it, and enter the door to find a Soul of a Lost Undead plus a Broken Thief Sword. Go back upstairs and look for another level, and give it a pull.

Return to the camp and head up the hill. Kneel at the stone to join the Company of Champions covenant. Check out the left-hand side of the stone to find Homeward Bones. Return to the bonfire and head right towards the next hallway. There's coffer containing a Rusted Coin on the right.

Continue along the hallway and enter the left passage by pulling the lever at the end to activate a gate. Cross the bridge and then walk over the plank. On the other side there's a Human Effigy in a chest. Now jump over to the area behind the chest and look for the Homeward Bone and a Soul of the Lost Undead. Go down to the river and you can move on to the Forest of the Fallen Giants.

If you need more information and help, the rest of our Dark Souls 2 walkthrough and complete guide can be found here. Next up is the first major area of the game. If you need help, here's where you can find our complete walkthrough of the Forest of the Fallen Giants and how to beat the first main boss - the Last Giant.

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