Dark Souls 3 - All Estus Shard Locations

Dark Souls 3 - All Estus Shard Locations

Maintain a steady supply of Estus Flasks.

This guide will explain where to find Estus Shards in Dark Souls 3. These valuable items allow players to increase their Estus Flask uses for each shard. We’ve put together a working list of each Estus Shard location, based on region. More locations will be added as they are discovered.

Estus Flasks are essential for survival, as they are a player’s primary means of replenishing health. Estus Shards can be given to Blacksmith Andre in Firelink Shrine to increase the number of total Estus Flask uses. Estus Flasks can then be converted to Ashen Estus as needed.

Estus Shards are crucial items that should not be missed while exploring. We have compiled a list of descriptions for each Estus Shard location, organized by the region they are found in. This is a failry exhaustive list, but if we happen to stumble upon more Estus Shards that were not mentioned, we will add them accordingly.

Estus Shard Locations

Firelink Shrine

To find this Estus Shard in Firelink Shrine, you must first purchase the Tower Key from the Shrine Handmaid. From the shrine entrance, go up the staircase to the right to reach the upper level. Head outside through the rounded archways and use the Tower Key to unlock the tower gate just past the mysterious tree.

Ascend the tower stairs to reach the bridge. Halfway down the bridge, drop down onto the rooftop and go toward the crow’s nest. On the far edge, drop down once more onto a ledge. Enter the doorway and walk along the beams that cross beneath the rooftop. Hanging over the edge of the left beam is a corpse holding an Estus Shard.

High Wall of Lothric

From the Tower on the Wall Bonfire, descend the outer stairs to reach the floor below. Continue down the inner staircase to the next floor. Climb down the ladder, and exit through the doorway. Go across the rooftop with the praying hollows, and climb down the ladder at the right corner of the roof.

Go through the room with the red knight and enter the hallway behind him. This leads to a large room filled with undead hounds and other enemies. The Estus Shard is on top of an anvil on the bottom floor. This room also contains the Cell Key that unlocks Greirat’s prison cell.

Undead Settlement

From the Undead Settlement Bonfire, enter the building ahead, away from the portcullis with hounds. The balcony of this building overlooks a large burning tree with a sorceress and several other enemies standing around. The Estus Shard is among the corpses at the base of the burning tree. You can either drop off the balcony to reach this area, or head downstairs to the bottom floor the house and go around from the outside.

Road of Sacrifices

This Estus Shard is found on the back outer section of the ruins leading to the Crystal Sage. From the Crucifixion Woods Bonfire, head toward the ruins, but don’t go inside. Go to the right, and pass beneath the arched bridge near a small bonfire. Watch out for the crucified enemy on the right. To the left of the small fire, you’ll find the Estus Shard at the base of the cliff. You could also reach this spot by starting at the Crucifixion Woods Bonfire and heading left. Defeat the pole wielding enemies and drop down at the end of the path.

Farron Keep

Starting from the Farron Keep Bonfire, head straight into the poisonous swamp toward a fallen tower. You will see the Estus Shard collectible in the water at the base of this toppled tower, surrounded by slugs. If you don’t want to attempt going straight through the swamp sludge to get the collectible, you can curve around safely toward this area by following the series of islands to the left, leading to the first staircase.

Cathedral of the Deep

From the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire, head straight outside toward the group of praying hollows. The Estus Shard is found on the corpse at the base of the stone obelisk. Watch out for the suicidal hollows, and enemies wielding flame spears. In the corner is also a well, where you can interact with Siegward.

Smouldering Lake

This Estus Shard is found in a hidden location near the Demon Ruins. From the Old King’s Antichamber Bonfire, go over to the corner of the room and strike the illusory wall. Proceed through the passage and take the first left. Watch out for the fiery goo blobs that drop from the ceiling as you pass through the narrow corridor. The Estus Shard is found on a corpse at the end of the hall, just before the hole in the floor.

Irithyll Dungeon

Starting at the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire, go forward into the prison and head to the right. At the end of the path is a locked gate. If you have previously collected the Jailbreaker’s Key, you can unlock the gate and drop down onto the outer stone platforms. Continue down the path to the right, and enter the doorway just beyond a pair of jailers. As you enter the room, there is a Mimic chest to the right. Defeat the Mimic to collect the Estus Shard.

If you don’t have the Jailbreaker’s Key, then you’ll have to take an alternate path to reach this room. From the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire, enter the prison and head right. Cross over the left bridge to reach the other side of the cell block. Go through the broken cell, down the staircase, and follow the path to the left. Continue to the end of the path to reach the outside. The door to the Mimic chest is down the stairs to the right.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley (Anor Londo)

This Estus Flask is inside the dark cathedral full of flame wielding deacons just ahead of the Anor Londo Bonfire. If you have already opened the main double doors at the top of the stairs ahead of the bonfire, enter the cathedral and keep to the left. Locate a chest in the corner to find the Estus Shard. It’s dark inside, so consider carrying a torch to find the chest.

If you have not yet opened the main doors, you must take a different route inside. From the bonfire, head up the large stairs and pass beneath an archway to the left. Look for another open doorway leading to a room with stairs along its walls. Continue up the stairs to reach the dark cathedral chamber with the deacons. Make your way to the bottom and use the lever in the left corner to open the doors. The chest is on the opposite wall from the lever.

Consumed King’s Garden

In the room where you fight the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, climb up the ladder in the center to reach Lothric Castle. Head left and defeat the knight at the far end of the walkway. Get onto the elevator at the end. Ride the elevator about halfway down, and jump off onto the stone ledge. At the bottom of the stairs to the right is a corpse holding an Estus Shard.

Grand Archives

This Estus Shard is found on a high balcony on the way to the boss location. Starting at the Grand Archives Bonfire, ride the nearby elevator to the top floor. Head up the stairs on the right, and turn left up the next set of stairs to reach a domed rooftop.

Continue past the domed roof toward another staircase higher on the rooftops to the right, where you will encounter winged knights. Just before reaching the stairs, head to the right and curve around until you reach a small archway. The Estus Shard is on the balcony ahead.

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