Dark Souls 3: Character Class and Burial Gift Guide

Dark Souls 3: Character Class and Burial Gift Guide

Select the best class and burial gift for your play style.

Dark Souls 3 offers a wide variety of character customization options to make the ideal character. Along with appearance, players must select a Class and Burial Gift before beginning the game. These features contain unique attributes that affect the type of character a player wishes to create. For this guide, we will discuss the attributes of each Class and Burial Gift to help players create the best character to fit their play style.

There are 10 unique Class types for players to choose from. Each Class begins with a certain number of skill points already assigned to their various attribute slots, based on the intended play style of that class.

The number of total attribute points for a class is determined by the starting level of that class. The higher the starting level of a class, the more attribute points that class will have already distributed in its slots. Additionally, keep in mind that the number of souls required to level up increases each time a level is gained.

Each attribute corresponds to a particular character stat, such as health, FP, or stamina. Select a class that has a high number in the attribute for the stat you rely on most.

Some Classes are more suitable for new players, while others add a bit of difficulty for experienced players looking for a challenge right from the start. We will review each Class type and its benefits below in order to help you create the best character for your style of play.

All Character Class Types


The Knight Class is well armored and prepared for battle from the start. The Knight begins at level 9 with high Vitality and Strength to wield its heavy armor. The Knight also comes equipped with a strong shield that absorbs 100 percent physical damage. This shield is extremely helpful during the early part of the game, as it will mitigate damage from strikes from most enemies. Choose the Knight if you enjoy the traditional interplay between offense and defense.


Like the Knight, the Mercenary Class is for adept fighters who come well prepared for battle. Although the Mercenary is not as heavily armored as the Knight, this class begins with the highest starting Dexterity level of any class. This allows the Mercenary to wield a pair of dual scimitars called the Sellsword Twinblades. The left blade can be swapped with a shield for added defense on the fly. The Mercenary is best for players who wish to get close to the action and take down foes with fast spinning slash attacks.


The Warrior Class is one of the strongest starting classes. Beginning at level 7, the Warrior initially has a lower level than the previous two classes. However, Warriors make up for this with the highest starting Strength (16), and highest starting Vigor (14). The Warrior’s strength allows this class to wield a Heavy Battle Axe, a slow but powerful weapon that deals the highest physical damage of the starting weapons. Those who wish to pack a powerful wallop from the start should consider playing as a Warrior.


The Herald Class embodies a balanced blend of magical and physical attributes. The Herald wields a spear, perfect for poking enemies at long range. Like the Knight, the Herald’s kite shield boasts 100 percent physical damage absorption. The Herald has a high Faith attribute that allows this class to perform Heal Aid miracles through the use of a talisman. Though this class has light armor, the Herald is still one of the better classes for overall sustain and defensive play.


Armed with a Dagger and Shortbow, the Thief Class depends heavily on agility and speed to maneuver out of tough situations. The Thief’s high Dexterity allows this class to utilize the Shortbow’s rapid fire weapon art attack. Arrows are limited, however, meaning that Thieves should rely more on the speedy stabs of their Dagger for close encounters. With a Luck level of 14, the Thief class also benefits from better item discovery while looting.


The Assassin Class is best for those who are adept and hunting down unsuspecting enemies. Along with the Cleric, the Assassin class begins one of the highest Attunement ratings, granting this class a higher amount of FP for weapon arts and spells. The Assassin wields an Estoc weapon, used for forward thrusts and stabs, as well as a sorcery staff for spell casting. Assassins can cast the Spook sorcery to enchant their boots for increased stealth, preventing all fall damage for the spell duration. The Assassin class is perfect for those looking to leap off high ledges, Ezio style.


The Sorcerer Class begins at level 6, but boasts Intelligence and Attunement levels of 16 each. These attributes allow the Sorcerer to perform powerful sorcery spells early on. High Attunement results in a high FP meter, meaning that the Sorcerer can offensively use Soul Arrows and other spells more often than other classes. But, this class still comes equipped with a decent Mail Breaker weapon to take out weaker enemies and preserve FP when needed. Sorcerers are capable of becoming powerful forces later in the game, so consider playing this class if you don’t mind a bit of early game struggle.


The Pyromancer is a fierce melee character class that comes equipped with a potent magic fireball, as well as a Hand Axe. Pyromancers require high levels of both Intelligence and Faith to wield their flames. New pyromancy spells aren’t available right away, but Pyromancers can also use sorcery spells and miracles in the meantime. The Pyromancer Class offers a great combo of long range magic with short range melee attacks, and has an early advantage against enemies who are vulnerable to fire.


The Cleric is a magic-heavy class that deals primarily in Miracle spells. The Cleric’s level 16 Faith allows this class to utilize two starting miracles, Heal and Force. Though the Cleric has high enough Attunement to use these miracles regularly, this class also comes equipped with a Mace to deal additional physical damage. The Cleric’s light outfit allows for better mobility at the cost of defense.


The Deprived Class is often intended for those looking for an added challenge. This naked fighter has little more than a Plank Shield, a Club, and a ragged loincloth. Starting at level 1, the Deprived has a flat 10 points on each attribute. Although this class is a risky choice, those who choose to play as a Deprived can benefit from essentially starting their character from scratch, having full control over the type of character they wish to develop.

All Burial Gifts

Burial Gifts are consumable items that offer unique benefits upon use. During character creation, players can select which Burial Gift they would like to begin the game with. We have listed details on each Burial Gift below to help you determine which item you’d like to have early on in the game.

Life Ring - Raises maximum HP. This is ideal for characters who begin with relatively low HP, such as Sorcerers, Thieves, Assasins, Clerics, or Deprived.

Divine Blessing - This holy water fully replenishes HP and instantly cures any status effect ailments. Characters with healing miracles need not choose this item. Divine Blessing is a good backup item to have when running low on Estus Flasks.

Hidden Blessing - Similar to Divine Blessing, the Hidden Blessing holy water will fully replenish FP. This may be the way to go for magical character types who tend to use up their FP meter quickly. Clerics, Pyromancers, and Sorcerers should consider this item.

Black Firebomb - This item packs a bit more punch than a regular Firebomb. Pick this item if you want additional explosive damage. Keep in mind that this is a consumable item, so you only get one.

Fire Gem - This item can be used to infuse weapons with the element of fire. A good item for characters looking to spice up their favorite blade and deal additional fire damage early on.

Sovereignless Soul - This item grants a hefty chunk of souls upon use. Choose this Burial Gift if you wish to acquire a level quickly without having to farm souls from enemies.

Rusted Gold Coin - This item will temporarily boost the player’s item discovery for a brief amount of time. Character classes with high Luck may not benefit from this item as much as other class types. Use this item when you are ready to pillage better collectibles.

Cracked Red Eye Orb - This single-use consumable item allows the player to become a dark spirit and invade another player’s world. Perfect for those who are excited to jump into online PvP.

Young White Branch - This branch can act as a peace offering, signifying friendship. Use the Young White Branch to blend into your surroundings and sneak past enemies. Like the other Burial Gifts, this item is also a single-use consumable.

Now that you are more knowledgeable of each Class and Burial Gift, you are ready to create the best character for your harrowing journey into Dark Souls 3. Head over to our Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide for more tips and tutorials.

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