Dark Souls 3: Find Siegward and Defeat the Fire Demon

Dark Souls 3: Find Siegward and Defeat the Fire Demon

Defeat a fiery foe in the Undead Settlement.

This guide will explain where to find a familiar NPC in an optional side area in Dark Souls 3. We’ll help you pursue a side excursion to defeat a fiery Demon, and pillage loot throughout a hidden section of the Undead Settlement. Players will come away with various items, including a Fire Gem, Chloranthy Ring, Northern Armor, and two new gestures.

This article contains minor spoilers regarding a particularly familiar Dark Souls character. If you have already met this familiar NPC and still need help finding each collectible in this side area, this guide is for you.

As you explore the dark corners of the Undead Settlement, you’ll eventually discover a tall tower that houses several unique surprises, including a big friendly giant, a frigid knight, and a familiar face. This tower is located to the southeast of the Curse-rotted Greatwood’s chamber.

With the Greatwood's chamber to the north, travel east from the Cliff Underside Bonfire. Cross the bridge, avoid the clay pot-wielding enemies, and continue past Eygon of Carim to reach the tower doors. If you need help reaching this location, review the steps in our Dark Souls 3 Undead Settlement Walkthrough for further details.

Upon first entering the tower doors, you will be greeted by a knight named Siegward of Catarina, who emerges up from the center elevator. Speak to Siegward to hear about his predicament with the lift. Step onto the elevator platform, then immediately off again to cause it to go down. Stand on the next elevator platform to ride the lift to the top of the tower.

When you reach the top, step off the elevator and look within a hidden alcove around the corner. Collect the Soul of the Nameless Soldier, then outside to discover a giant overlooking the expanse. This giant is the one responsible for pummeling the graveyard path with his massive spears. Speak to the giant, and be sure to offer a token of friendship when prompted. In return, the giant offers you a Young White Branch as a symbol of your new bond. Befriending the giant causes the spears launched toward the graveyard to no longer hurt you.

Defeat the Fiery Demon

After speaking with the giant at the top of the tower, return to the elevator platform once more and ride the lift downward. Listen carefully for a subtle “Hmm” about halfway down the elevator shaft. As soon as you hear Siegward’s hum, roll off the edge of the lift onto the wooden platform. Siegward is found sitting on a ledge just outside of the elevator to the right.

Talk to Siegward once more, and he’ll mention the fiery Demon roaming the path down below. At this point, there’s no turning back. Hop down off of the ledge onto the adjacent rooftop, and prepare to fight the Demon. Don’t worry, Siegward won’t let you face this creature alone. Siegward quickly reacts to offer assistance with the flaming beast.

You can choose to get up close to the action, or keep your distance on the rooftop to provide ranged cover fire for Siegward as he goes to work on the Demon. The Demon will attempt to jump on you when you get close. Dodge to avoid the Demon’s sweeping axe swings and back away to anticipate its jumps. Or, simply let Siegward do most of the work.

Once the fiery foe is defeated, it drops a Fire Gem for your efforts. Siegward will then sit on the ground to rest from the fight. Speak to him once more, and he offers to toast to your success. You will receive a Siegbrau, as well as the Toast and Sleep gestures. Sit to make a toast and enjoy this special encounter with the onion knight.

Search near the cliff to collect a Homeward Bone, and continue to explore the rest of the area. Walk up onto the rooftop beside the fire pits and locate two hanging corpses holding collectibles. Cut down the corpses to obtain their items. One corpse holds a Pale Tongue, while the other holds a Northern outfit set that includes a Northern Helm, Northern Armor, Northern Gloves, and Northern Trousers.

Explore the barn in the right corner further into the area. On the bottom level, look for a corpse beneath a number of hanging caged bodies. These caged corpses are not alive, so you are safe to loot the Red Bug Pellets without fear of an ambush. However, we can’t say the same for the other caged foes you will encounter shortly.

Continue up the ramp to the right of where you found the bug pellets. In the alcove to the left, you’ll spot another collectible in front of the bookshelf. This time, be wary of two sets of hanging living cages that drop from the ceiling to ambush you as you approach the alcove. Destroy the scuttling enemies, then collect the Alluring Skulls from the remains in the alcove.

Continue across the bridge that connects the two buildings. As you enter the next room, kill the living cage on the left. The room ahead on the right contains two undead hounds, and four more hanging cages of living bodies. Lure out both hounds to eliminate them first, then deal with the remaining cages. Open the chest in the room to obtain Human Pine Resin, then carefully proceed up the stairs.

Two huggable sorceresses await your arrival on the upper floor. Lure each sorceress down the stairs to deal with them individually. Watch out for their homing magic attacks, and keep your distance to avoid their fiery hug of death. When both wicked women are defeated, pass through the room on the upper level and exit through the opening in the corner.

Proceed up the stairs to reach the rooftop. Locate a corpse holding a collectible, and pillage the remains to obtain a Flynn’s Ring. Peer over the edge at the far side of the roof, and look for a ledge you can drop down onto. Fall to the lower ledge, and continue toward the adjacent tower. Follow the balcony around the outside of the tower, and pillage the corpse holding a pair of Homeward Bones.

Go inside the tower, and look across the gap to locate a wooden ledge halfway down along the opposite wall. You must jump to this wooden platform first before dropping down to the bottom of the tower. Make sure you have full health before doing so, as you will sustain a bit of fall damage from the drop. At the bottom level of the tower, loot the corpse beside the barrels to obtain a Mirrah Vest, Mirrah Gloves, and Mirrah Trousers. Roll through the barrels on the other side to find another corpse that holds a Chloranthy Ring.

Exit the tower through the doorway and peer over the ledge. If you drop down to the area below, you will end up right in front of the door leading to the Curse-rotted Greatwood. However, there are a number of enemies that patrol this lower path, so be prepared to fight or run once you make the drop. Another option is to use a Homeward Bone to travel to a bonfire of your choice, preserving your souls and avoiding a hostile confrontation.

Dark Souls 3 has plenty of hidden secrets and locations for players to discover. Head over to USGamer’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide to learn more tips and special features.

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