Dark Souls 3: Firelink Shrine - Fire Keeper, Shrine Handmaid

Dark Souls 3: Firelink Shrine - Fire Keeper, Shrine Handmaid

Meet the inhabitants of Firelink Shrine.

This walkthrough will guide players around Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls 3. Our walkthrough will discuss the initial residents of Firelink Shrine and the services they provide. Follow along with this walkthrough to familiarize yourself with Firelink Shrine and contemplate the lore implications of this location.

Serving as the player’s primary hub, Firelink Shrine contains several NPCs who perform certain tasks for the player. There are initially only a handful of NPCs upon first discovering Firelink Shrine, but new residents can be acquired as the player encounters various characters throughout the game. All who reside in the corridors of this important hub serve some sort of purpose. Follow our steps in this walkthrough to meet each of the initial characters of Firelink Shrine.

We’ll start with the closest character first. Enter Firelink Shrine through the main doors, and head down the short staircase. There are more stairs that diverge left and right as you look over the shrine. Go down the stairs on the right, and locate a man sitting along the stairs beside a pillar. This armored resident is Hawkwood, and he is usually found on the stairs or near some graves outside the shrine. Talk to the fellow for a bit of cryptic conversation, and you’ll receive the Collapse gesture.

Continue down the stairs toward the lower level. Embed the Coiled Sword from your previous boss encounter into the fire pit in the center of the chamber to ignite the Firelink Shrine Bonfire. The Firelink Shrine will now be available as a travel destination. Accessing this bonfire also allows you to attune spells and organize your storage box.

When you collect an Undead Bone Shard on your travels, make sure to return to Firelink Shrine and use the bone shard to enhance this bonfire. This will increase the amount of health and FP replenished per Estus Flask use.

To travel between bonfires, rest at a bonfire and select Travel from the menu. This will show you all of the available bonfires you have lit throughout the world along your journey. Since Firelink Shrine is your primary bonfire, it will be available at the bottom of each travel location tab for easy access. Light the flames on any bonfire you encounter to designate it as a respawn point.

After igniting the bonfire, speak to the light haired woman standing nearby. This woman is the Fire Keeper, and she is capable of leveling up your character at the cost of souls. As you accumulate souls throughout the game, make a point to return to Firelink Shrine to spend your souls and level up your character. Speak with the Fire Keeper to open the Level Up menu.

Go through the hallway ahead of the bonfire. Locate the Shrine Handmaid sitting in a chair on the right. The Shrine Handmaid sells a variety of useful items, including weapons, firebombs, and embers. Items from your inventory can also be sold to the Shrine Handmaid for additional souls.

The Shrine Handmaid also sells a Tower Key for a hefty amount of souls, which is used to unlock the tower gate outside of Firelink Shrine. Don’t worry about purchasing the Tower Key just yet. For now, just note that the Shrine Handmaid has the tower key in her inventory.

Continue down the corridor to reach Blacksmith Andre. He is capable of reinforcing and infusing your weapons at the cost of Titanite Shards, Gems, and other items. Reinforcing weapons enhances the overall damage output of the weapon, while infusion involves applying an elemental effect to a weapon. He can also repair broken equipment if necessary.

Blacksmith Andre can also reinforce your Estus Flasks to increase the number of Estus Flasks in your inventory. Reinforcing Estus Flasks requires Estus Shards, so be sure to return to Blacksmith Andre upon collecting these rare items to increase your available number of Estus Flask uses.

Andre can also turn Estus Flasks into Ashen Estus Flasks. Speak with Andre and select the Allot Estus category to assign your current Estus Flask supply to the desired type. For example, if you notice you are not using much FP during combat, you can allot your Ashen Estus Flask to become a traditional flask to increase your total Estus Flask usage amount.

Return to the bonfire in the center chamber. Investigate the series of thrones along the upper floor to find Ludleth of Courland sitting upon the left side. Walk up the stairs to reach the back side of Ludleth’s throne, and speak with him to learn some interesting story lore.

It’s worth noting that the dialogue of some NPCs will change as you progress through the game. Speak with certain characters again later on to see if they have something new to say. This is a particularly useful method for learning new Dark Souls lore. New NPCs will also arrive at Firelink Shrine throughout your journey, so make sure to roam about the chamber to meet any newcomers.

Now that you have established the primary bonfire, you’re ready to continue with your journey. Return to the main chamber and rest at the bonfire. From the Travel tab, select the High Wall of Lothric to travel to this new location.

Continue on to the Dark Souls 3 High Wall of Lothric Walkthrough, or return to USGamer’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide for more tips and features.

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