Dark Souls 3: How to Become a Dragon

Dark Souls 3: How to Become a Dragon

Channel your inner dragon in just a few steps.

This guide will show players how to transform into a dragon in Dark Souls 3. We will explain how to obtain and use each of the Dragon Stones needed for transformation. We will also briefly go over the differences between the regular and Twinkling versions of each Dragon Stone. Follow our steps to unleash your inner dragon and incinerate enemies who dare cross your path.

Dragons have always played a crucial role in the lore of the Dark Souls series. Although there doesn’t seem to be a dragon covenant in Dark Souls 3 like there were in the previous games, the dragon stones required for transformation have made their return.

To become a dragon in Dark Souls 3, players must obtain a Dragon Head Stone and Dragon Torso Stone. There are also Twinkling versions of both of these stones that modify your attacks while in dragon form. Finding each of the dragon stones involves accessing a secret region later in the game. To minimize spoilers, we recommend that you at least reach the Consumed King's Garden before following the instructions in this article.

How to Get the Dragon Head and Torso Stones

The Dragon Torso Stone is found while traversing the Irithyll Dungeon. You will need to explore the dungeon to unlock several doors as well as an elevator shortcut. From the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire, go forward and turn right to enter the prison area. Cross the center walkway that connects the two sides of the cell block, and turn left. Watch out for the Jailers. Make the first right down a staircase that leads to the lower level, or simply drop down off the left edge.

Continue through the gate at the end of the corridor to find the elevator lift. Ride the elevator down to reach an outside area overlooking the mountains. Near the cliff, you’ll find the remains of a petrified dragon statue sitting amongst several bodies facing the mountainside. Collect the Dragon Torso Stone near the dragon statue. Take note of the path you took to find this statue, as you will need to return to this area to obtain the other dragon stones.

To access the other dragon stones, you must first obtain the Path of the Dragon gesture in the Consumed King’s Garden just outside of Lothric Castle. This area is only accessible after defeating the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Climb the ladder from the church to reach Lothric Castle, and head left. Explore the garden side of the castle to unlock the elevator shortcut for later.

Proceed through the garden and defeat Oceiros. Afterward, open the door at the back of Oceiros’ chamber and continue down the stairs. Watch out for the serpant-man as you turn right through the passage. Ahead you’ll find a fallen Drakeblood Knight sitting in front of an altar in the center of the chamber, holding the Path of the Dragon gesture in his lap.

Once you have obtained the gesture, return to the petrified dragon statue outside Irithyll Dungeon from earlier. Position yourself beside the dragon statue and perform the Path of the Dragon gesture. Wait a few seconds for a cut scene to occur. Afterward, you will find yourself at Archdragon Peak.

Upon reaching the front entrance to the main structure in this secret region, you will be greeted by a massive Ancient Wyvern. Defeat the Wyvern to be awarded with the Dragon Head Stone. Now you have everything you need to transform into a dragon. If you want to take your dragon self for a test run, feel free to skip to the section below on how to use the Dragon Stones for details.

Twinkling Dragon Head and Torso Stones

To find the Twinkling Dragon Head and Torso Stones, you must progress through the structure at Archdragon Peak to reach the far side. Don’t ring the bell just yet. Explore the structure, and make your way to the Great Belfry Bonfire.

Ahead of this bonfire is a long outer path of stone ruins patrolled by huge Serpent-men and rock lizards. Defeat the enemies and proceed up the path through the ruined archways to reach the cliff. If you are embered, look for Hawkwood’s summon sign just after the staircase from the bonfire to make the uphill fight much easier.

At the end of the path is an altar overlooking a dragon mountain in the distance. Use the Path of the Dragon gesture to sit at the altar near the cliff to obtain the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone.

Upon obtaining the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone, Hawkwood will leave you a strange message back at Firelink Shrine. Speak with Andre to receive the swordgrass message, then travel to Farron Keep. Make your way to the Abyss Watcher boss fight location, where you will find Hawkwood waiting to steal your new twinkling torso. Fight and defeat Hawkwood to receive the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone.

How to Use the Dragon Stones

Once you have the Dragon Head and Torso Stones, transforming into a dragon is fairly simple. All you need to do is take off all of your armor pieces. Find the Dragon Head and Dragon Torso Stones in your inventory, and select Use to apply the effects of each one. The transformation applies temporary status ailments to your character, which will fade after a few moments.

The Dragon Head Stone allows you to breath fire while in dragon form. The Twinkling Dragon Head Stone variant modifies your flame breath, causing you to breath fire from a massive dragon head. Likewise, the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone lets you deploy two huge dragon limbs to smash the ground.

The dragon form will last until you die, and each Dragon Stone has unlimited uses. Dragon form does come with a bit of fire resistance, but keep in mind that your lack of armor leaves you very vulnerable to physical attack damage while in this form. While this is not the best setup for PvP duels, it’s still fun to jump into multiplayer as a dragon for the added laughs.

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