Dark Souls 3: How to Find the Cell Key and Free Greirat

Dark Souls 3: How to Find the Cell Key and Free Greirat

Recruit a new Firelink Shrine companion.

Dark Souls 3 contains a variety of different characters who can be recruited to join your central hub, Firelink Shrine. This guide will show you how to free a prisoner named Greirat. Follow our steps to procure the services of a new Firelink Shrine resident.

During your exploration around the High Wall of Lothric, you may stumble upon a prisoner locked in a cell. This guide will explain how to go about unlocking the prison cell, as well as the benefits of doing so. We will do our best to avoid spoiling any lore elements along the way, but take this as a minor spoiler warning just in case.

This guide will presume that you have already explored the High Wall of Lothric and have reached the Undead Settlement, and are familiar with the first few bonfire locations in each. However, we will provide some brief contextual explanations throughout to help refresh your memory. If you have yet to fully explore this location, head over to our Dark Souls 3 High Wall of Lothric Walkthrough for more detailed navigation of the area.

Greirat is found locked in a cell at the bottom of the tower near the Tower on the Wall Bonfire. In order to free Greirat, you must first obtain a cell key. Luckily, the cell key isn’t far from this bonfire. However, you’ll need to face some fearsome foes to get it.

Locate Greirat’s Prison Cell

First, let’s start by locating Greirat’s cell. The Tower on the Wall Bonfire is the closest bonfire to both Greirat and the cell key location. If you have lit this bonfire previously, then you can simply rest at any bonfire and select the Tower on the Wall to travel to this bonfire.

Once you arrive at the Tower on the Wall Bonfire, make your way down the outer stairs and slowly enter the room. Watch out for a knight who makes his rounds through here. Don’t worry though; he will exit through the left door and he shouldn’t be a bother. Be wary of the enemy across the way near the barrels who will throw knives at you. Take out the knife artist, and make your way down the stairs on the right.

Two more enemies await on the floor below. To make things easier, you can jump down and strike one of them from the floor above. Look for a long piece of wood protruding over a gap in the floor that you can use as a jumping point. Align yourself over the first enemy along the beam, and perform a basic attack as you walk off the edge to take them out from above. Eliminate the other enemy, then proceed down the ladder located slightly beneath the staircase.

There is only one enemy in this next room, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Defeat the enemy, then proceed through the doorway. You’ll enter a room full of explosive barrels with an enemy conveniently throwing bombs at you. Quickly dispatch him and his friend to the left in the next room, and collect the Mail Breaker weapon off the corpse if you haven't done so already. Go to the right and down the corridor and you should see Greirat sitting in a cell at the end of the path.

When you reach this room, head to the right through the corridor to reach Greirat's prison cell.

How to Find the Cell Key

We have a more detailed explanation of how to get the cell key in our High Wall of Lothric Walkthrough. However, here is a brief explanation for those who are somewhat familiar with the area already. From the Tower on the Wall Bonfire, go down the stairs into the room and down the next stairs. Kill the two aforementioned enemies in the room below.

Rather than using the ladder in the room, this time you’ll exit through the door leading outside. Hop down off of the platform beside the dragon corpse, and watch out for an enemy below. Bypass the enemy, and run across the rooftop ahead. Quickly move past the prayer group to reach the ladder at the corner on the right. Try not to aggravate the hostile hollow that transforms into the giant dark mass of frustration.

At the base of the ladder there is a room with a knight. Defeat the knight, and enter the room behind him. Beyond the knight is a larger room with tiered walkways lining the perimeter. There are three floors in this room, and the cell key is found on the very bottom floor.

See the dark stairwell ahead in the corner on the lower floor? That's where you'll find the Cell Key.

There are various enemies in this room including hounds, and undead hollows with giant halberds and axes. Clear the room from up high, then head down to the lowest level. The cell key is found on a corpse in the corner at the base of a small stairwell.

Now head back to Greirat. Use the cell key to unlock his prison cell, and approach him for a brief chat. He will ask you for a favor, which you can accept or refuse. Agree to grant his request, and Greirat will give you a Blue Tearstone Ring to deliver to a certain someone.

After your brief chat, Greirat will teleport to Firelink Shrine. You’re probably thinking since Greirat is at the wall of Lothric, what he is asking of you can be accomplished in Lothric. Not the case. To complete his request, you must travel to the Undead Settlement.

We recommend starting at the Undead Settlement Bonfire. This is the second bonfire in the Undead Settlement, the one that offers a beautiful view over the area. Proceed to the right towards the house, away from the portcullis with hounds. Two enemies emerge from the house, one with a giant cleaver and one with a pitchfork. Kill them and enter the dark room.

Go down the stairs to the left. Beware of the sneaky thrall-hooded thief that jumps down behind you. Go outside along the balcony and you will see a body hanging with a shining collectible. Cut down the body and it will fall to the ground. You will need to make your way to the ground level outside to retrieve the item.

You can either jump from the balcony, or take the route down the stairs of the dark room, killing multiple slaves along the way. If you do so, the bottom floor room leads outside where you can gather Loretta’s Bone from the corpse. Retreat to the bonfire and fast travel to Firelink Shrine. You will find Greirat sitting quietly in a small area down the stairs to the left of Blacksmith Andre. Give Loretta’s Bone to Greirat if you wish to fulfill his favor.

Greirat will offer various wares for you to purchase once he arrives at Firelink Shrine. Allow some time to pass, and he will offer to go on a thieving expedition if you talk with him again. This proves greatly beneficial, because this will allow new and improved items to become available from Greirat. To trigger the necessary dialogue, try reloading the area or progressing in the game a bit further.

Sometimes you will find Greirat face down on the ground, in no mood to talk. Just give him time. He will come around. Once you give him the task of gathering materials, he will leave for quite a while. Check back regularly to see if Greirat has returned.

When Greirat returns from his first expedition, this Pontiff Knight Curved Sword becomes available to purchase, among other items.

In our playthrough he returned from his mission after we defeated the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, but we recommend checking back frequently throughout your trials and tribulations to see if he returns sooner.

When he returns, you will be happy...or at least we were. He will now sell several cool weapons and wares, such as the Pontiff Knight Curved Sword, and other items worth your hard earned souls.

Keep in mind that sending Greirat on expeditions runs the risk of having Greirat meet an untimely demise. Be sure to follow through with Siegward's storyline and ensure he's in Irithyll before sending Greirat on his second mission to this location in order to have the little thief return safely. Next time, he may not be so lucky.

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