Dark Souls 3 - How to Get the Armor of Thorns

Dark Souls 3 - How to Get the Armor of Thorns

This armor puts the roll in troll.

This guide will show players how to obtain the full Armor of Thorns set in Dark Souls 3. This unique armor has a special damage attribute that has proven useful against both PvP encounters and enemy AI, including some boss battles. We will show you how to get this set of armor and begin rolling in the deep in just a few steps.

What makes the Armor of Thorns unique is its damage capability. While wearing any piece of the Armor of Thorns, a player can inflict a small amount of damage to enemies by rolling or stepping into them to make contact. This incremental damage stacks for each piece of the armor set worn by the player. Even the shoulder pads of the chest armor have massive spikes to visually represent the possible damage it can shred from an opponent’s life bar.

The effectiveness of the Armor of Thorns can be enhanced by wearing the appropriate Rings. For example, the Lloyd's Sword Ring boosts attack damage when HP is full. This counts for the Armor of Thorns set as well, increasing the attack rating by 10%. Likewise, the Red Tearstone Ring boosts damage when HP is low. Flynn’s Ring boosts damage output for lower equip ratios, and is best paired with the lighter pieces of the set, like the helm or gauntlets.

If you want to go for a more mobile approach, consider equipping either the Carthus Bloodring or Carthus Milkring while wearing the Armor of Thorns set. The Carthus Bloodring boosts invincibility frames while rolling, while the Carthus Milkring obscures the wearer while rolling, making the player difficult to hit overall. Both of these Rings are found in the Catacombs of Carthus, and can be worn simultaneously with the Armor of Thorns for maximum rolling benefits. For details on each Ring type, check out our guide on each Ring location and effect in Dark Souls 3.

How to Obtain the Armor of Thorns

The Armor of Thorns set is only available prior to the Deacons of the Deep boss encounter. If you have not completed this boss battle yet, then this armor set can be yours in just a few steps.

The Armor of Thorns is acquired from an NPC invader spirit named Longfinger Kirk. This NPC is a member of Rosaria’s Fingers, and thus can be found fulfilling his duty in the Cathedral of the Deep. NPC invasions can only occur prior to defeating the boss in the region. You must encounter this NPC before completing the boss battle with the Deacons of the Deep.

To encounter Longfinger Kirk, you must make your way to the watery bottom floor of the Cathedral of the Deep. Use an Ember to become actively embered if you aren’t already, then roam around the ground level of the cathedral where the giants sit. Longfinger Kirk will invade you in between the two giants on the ground floor, near one of the levers.

If you want to play it safe, it’s a good idea to kill the giants ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about getting stomped during your battle with Kirk. At the very least, try to stay in the open area between the giants rather than going near their watery rest areas. You can also raise the bridges using the levers on the bottom floor to create safe zones from the giants. Head over to our Cathedral of the Deep Walkthrough for details on how to raise the bridge walls.

Longfinger Kirk is practically covered in spikes and will inflict bleed damage with his Barbed Straight Sword and Spiked Shield. Keep in mind that he’s also wearing the Armor of Thorns that you seek, so be sure to dodge when he tries rolling into you to avoid taking damage. With a bit of Poise and careful maneuvering, you should be able to take down this thorny invader with little trouble.

Once you defeat Longfinger Kirk, you can collect the Armor of Thorns from the corpse found in Rosaria’s Bedchamber on the top floor of the cathedral. The armor set consists of four pieces: the Helm of Thorns, Armor of Thorns, Gauntlets of Thorns, and Leggings of Thorns.

Consider equipping the Armor of Thorns armor pieces prior to facing enemies that require close ranged combat. Incorporate some damaging rolls into your PvP routine to polish off a few opponents in style. This armor can also be effective when rolling into certain bosses, such as the Dancer.

For more Dark Souls 3 tips and unique features, head over to our Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide.

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