Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Red Eye Orb for PvP

Dark Souls 3: How to Get the Red Eye Orb for PvP

Endlessly invade other players online.

This guide will explain how to obtain a full Red Eye Orb for those who want to invade other players in Dark Souls 3. This item is essential for those who wish to have limitless opportunities to play competitively against other players in PvP. Players must speak to an NPC named Leonhard and face a Darkwraith in order to obtain a complete Red Eye Orb. Follow our instructions and you’ll be invading other players in no time.

In Dark Souls 3, a Red Eye Orb is a consumable item that allows a player to invade other worlds and play competitively against other players through online PvP. This valuable item is made for those who find joy in ambushing and killing other players, and there are even covenants that encourage these activities. The Red Eye Orb is available early on in the game after completing just a few relatively simple steps.

Talk to Leonhard

The full Red Eye Orb has unlimited uses, while the Cracked Red Eye Orb is a single-use consumable. Both of these items can be used to invade other players as a hostile phantom.

To obtain either of these orbs, you must first speak with a mysterious NPC named Leonhard, the Ringfinger. This character will arrive in Firelink Shrine upon defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley at the High Wall of Lothric. Once you have defeated this boss, return to Firelink Shrine and look for Leonhard.

Leonhard can be found leaning against the center throne on the upper floor of Firelink Shrine. After speaking to Leonhard for the first time, he gives you five Cracked Red Eye Orbs to offer you a taste of online invasions. Locate these items in your inventory and select Use to begin searching for a world to invade. If you enjoy the rush of invading others, then you will definitely want to obtain a full Red Eye Orb to have limitless invasion capabilities.

Obtain a Pale Tongue

When you successfully invade and kill another player, you will receive a Pale Tongue for your efforts. There is even a covenant that encourages its members to gather these Pale Tongues and bring them to the covenant leader. Leonhard is a member of this covenant, and is no stranger to the Pale Tongue. You can use the Cracked Red Eye Orbs that Leonhard gave you to invade and kill other players in their world to obtain Pale Tongues. However, there is another way to find a Pale Tongue that doesn’t involve PvP, in case your invasion attempts are unsuccessful.

To locate a free Pale Tongue, head over to the Undead Settlement and enter the giant tower southeast of the boss chamber. Proceed with Siegward of Catarina’s side mission to defeat the fire demon, then search the nearby grounds where the demon once prowled. Beside the fire in the center of this outdoor area are several wrapped corpses hanging above a small rooftop. Climb onto the rooftop and cut down one of the bodies to pillage a Pale Tongue from the wrapped corpse.

Defeat the Darkwraith

With a Pale Tongue in tow, return to Firelink Shrine. Speak to Leonhard once more while having a Pale Tongue in your inventory, and he will give you the Lift Chamber Key. This key can be used to unlock a gate in the High Wall of Lothric that will lead you to the Red Eye Orb that you seek.

Use the bonfire to travel to the Tower on the Wall Bonfire in the High Wall of Lothric. From the bonfire, go down the outer staircase and enter the room below. Descend the stairs to the next floor down, and kill the two enemies in the room. Drop down the hole in the floor or climb down the ladder to the next level below, and defeat the enemy with the axe. On the back wall near the ladder, you should see a locked gate door. Use the Lift Chamber Key that Leonhard gave you to unlock the gate, and ride the lift down to the lower level.

At the bottom, you will arrive at a chamber filled with the remains of various armored knights. In the center of the chamber is a violent Darkwraith that you must defeat. This dangerous enemy has powerful strikes that can break through your guard when blocking. The Darkwraith also wields dark magic capabilities, including a grab attack that inflicts a huge amount of damage. The Darkwraith will block using a red magic shield. Try to attack when the shield is down to deal the most damage.

Once the Darkwraith is defeated, you will receive a full Red Eye Orb. The Darkwraith will respawn upon resting at a bonfire, but will no longer drop the Red Eye Orb upon death. However, the Darkwraith does reward you with several thousand souls when killed, and is a great means for farming souls to level up early in the game.

Unlike the cracked version, the full Red Eye Orb has an unlimited amount of uses, so you can invade to your heart’s content. When using the Red Eye Orb to search for a world to invade, a small icon will appear under your stamina bar to indicate the search in progress. If you enjoy invading others, consider joining Rosaria’s covenant in the Cathedral of the Deep. Leonhard insists. In fact, once you join this covenant, you may want to return to Rosaria’s location once more to see what Leonhard is up to.

Keep in mind that hostile invasions are not the only way to join other players online. You can also use a White Sign Soapstone to place a signature on the ground in a location where you wish to be summoned. Other online players can then activate your summon sign to bring you into their world for some co-op adventuring.

There are a variety of other covenants that encourage PvP activities, including the Blue Sentinel, Warrior of Sunlight, and Mound-Makers covenants. Be sure to equip the proper covenant insignia before delving into PvP.

Head over to USGamer’s Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide for more useful tips and features. There is also a full walkthrough in progress to help you navigate each region on your harrowing journey. May the flames guide thee!

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