Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC Walkthrough -- How to Beat the Optional Boss, Darkeater Midir

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC Walkthrough -- How to Beat the Optional Boss, Darkeater Midir

Prepare for a long, challenging fight if you want to take on and defeat Darkeater Midir.

This guide is to help you find and fight the final optional boss in the series, Darkeater Midir. It’s a long, challenging fight, so read below for the proper preparation.

Finding Midir

Midear’s presence is always around you lurking in the shadows in the DLC, but you’ll final encounter him close to the end on the bridge past the black swamp. After making your way up the winding, broken staircase in the catacomb, it will block your way from going forward at the second bridge. Use the rocks for cover and do a little hit and run with his foot until it crumples for a critical attack that sends it off the bridge down below.

Follow the path to the room with a statue of Gwyn bestowing something upon the Pygmy. To your immediate right will be a door with an elevator to take you back up to an earlier Bonfire. Halfway up the ladder is a room to roll into. Go left here into a room surrounded by statues of Silver Knights and attack the one without a sword to open an illusory wall. Follow the path down the ladder into the chapel and take the plunge down the hole behind the altar.


This fight can be frustrating since you may feel like you’re constantly chasing it down. The arena is very large, and Midir likes to fly out of danger after a while or charge through you to widen the gulf. Sprinting back and forth to close the distance obviously takes a toll on your stamina, so be careful about what you spend in pursuit.

The head is weaker than the rest of the body, but the legs are susceptible to damage. As fitting with the lore of the series, it’s slightly weak to lightning attacks, so a lightning-based weapon and miracle set can’t hurt. That said, we’re dealing with a ton of health, here, and with its penchant for moving way out of your attack range could make for a very, very long fight.

If you’re packing a shield, anything with high fire resistance is a must. With it, you can put yourself into the thick of some attacks and absorb a little bit of damage for the sake of better positioning on the head after a fire blast.

On the left side of the chapel you can summon in Shira, Knight of Filianore only if you haven’t entered the final area to fight Gael. If you think you’ll have trouble calling in other players or are in offline mode, make sure you go for this fight immediately after the battle with the Judicator.

Finally, try not to make use of the lock-on and adjust the camera yourself for melee purposes. The game only locks onto its head, which is constantly flailing about.

Phase One

Try to close the gap between you as best you can. Midir will do the same by either shooting fire breath at you or launch into a multi-hit rampage. Your best bet is to simply avoid either of these things as best you can with dodge rolling.

Midir has a very large move set. If close to the head, it’s not uncommon that it will try to attack you with either a double claw swipe, which can easily be rolled through, or by goring you with his mouth, which is a little more difficult to see coming. It may also charge through you without warning, which for a glass cannon build could mean a one-hit kill. Occasionally, it may telegraph this move by roaring at you first.

If things get too hectic up front for Midir, it will stand on its hind legs and shoot an AoE fire spell that will cover a lot of ground. If you have a strong fire-resistant shield, though, this is blessing in disguise by blocking the damage and going in for a quick strike or two.

Falling back to some sort of distance will invite it use fire breath on you, or the AoE fire attack followed by a Dark beam that goes both straight ahead and sweeping across its front side, which is super damaging. Making it around to its back side doesn’t do you any favors, though, as it will use a tail swipe or tail stomp, so be careful when attacking the hind legs.

Occasionally, Midir will either jump backward to get away from you or fly into the air and carpet the arena with fire. If you stay on its right side, you can avoid it and try to chase down the landing.

Second Phase

At 50%, Midir will perform a giant AoE Dark Blast. It’s obviously telegraphed when Midir hunkers down and gathers energy. Make sure you give the dragon a good distance, and keep an eye out for the rest of the fight because it might happen again.

The only other things to watch out for at this point is Midir summoning a swarm of Dark Affinity orbs, which aren’t damaging individually, but can spook you into making dumb mistakes. You can roll out of the way from them if you’re paying attention to their location, or even use Midir’s large body to absorb some if you’re staying in close. He’ll also use the Dark laser beam more often in this state, but ditching the fire AoE buildup in favor of being a more focused attack. This can one-hit you, so be careful. The tradeoff is that if can get back to its head you can take some gratifyingly free shots since it takes it a while to recover.

Still having trouble? Check out all of our tips! You can also read up on how to get the best ending, as well as how to get all of the Estus Shards!

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