Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- The Dreg Heap

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- The Dreg Heap

A guide to the first area of the Ringed City DLC.

This walkthrough will serve as a guide for the first areas of Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City DLC up to the first boss fight. Note that this is endgame content; it is highly advised that your character is above Soul Level 100 with powerful gear.

Accessing the DLC

There are two ways to access The Ringed City DLC:

  • You can go through a new bonfire at the Kiln of the First Flame at the end of the main campaign.
  • Barring that, you can access it by finishing the Sister Friede boss fight in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. In both instances, a new bonfire will be found near the entrance to the Soul of Cinder boss and just behind Sister Friede’s bonfire, respectively. If the bonfire in the Ashes of Ariandel does not appear, warp to the Firelink Shrine and then back to Friede’s bonfire.

Once you accessed the DLC, you will find yourself in the Dreg Heap.

The Dreg Heap

Immediately light the bonfire upon arriving. Talk to the new NPC, the Stone-humped Hag, whom is a shopkeeper that sells such things as the Splitleaf Greatsword. To her right, a ghost of the NPC Gael will point you downward. Before jumping off, walk forward around the side of the rooftop to find an Ember. And then walk off the ledge. Dispatch the crawling Murkment and watch out for magic-wielding Murkmen to your left and right. The left path up the stairs is your first encounter with the large Harald Legion Knight, which is highly susceptible to plunging attacks, so use the staircase to your advantage. A Titanite Chunk is on the ground next to you. Farther up the staircase from here is the Aquamarine Dagger.

Head back down both staircases and move to the right of the original path. Ahead of you is a small stone walkway with a flashing item. Stepping out to obtain the item crumbles the walkway and plunges you through a stained-glass window and into what could be an old library. Behind you are a few items: a Titanite Scale defended by two wizard Murkment, and the Murky Hand Scythe over the short staircase and past the bookcases to the left of the room. It’s guarded by a small crawler Murkman. More crawlers and a wizard will spawn ahead of you, with a Tinkling Titanite found on the body coiled into the fallen chandelier straight ahead.

Outside of the room on the left, another ghost of Gael will prompt you downward with an Angel spawning in the background. Head downward quickly and use the broken battlement as cover from the Angel’s magic attacks to move forward. Behind you as you fell was a Divine Blessing, but you’ll most likely be caught in the Angel’s bolts. Four Lighting Urns are found at the bottom of the path ahead, but be careful of a Murkman spawning at your feet nearby. Around the side of the building is a Ring of Steel Protection +3, but this means intentionally putting yourself in harm’s way against the Angels magic. Be careful or save this for later.

Inside the building are two Lothric Knights, one with a spear and the other with a sword, both with shields for defense. It’s best to take them one at a time if you can, but they aggro together. The grave they were praying before has a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight in front of it.

Moving outside, the path going right near the fountain spawns two wizards Murkmen, but this is something of a trap as the first is easy to attack while the other can ambush you. Around the fountain are two Rusted Coins. Inside the building are two rooms that will infinitely spawn Murkmen with a Titanite Chunk on the corpse on up the stairs and the Murky Longstaff in the room in the back. A good strategy here is to constantly roll around as the enemies are briefly stunned by it, letting you slip in and out with little trouble.

The path to the left past the knights is another encounter with the Angel, but a grotesque figure ahead of you is the monster that controls it. Killing it will also kill the Angel permanently, and it will drop two Twinkling Titanites. Another ghostly Gael points the way below. Before this exchange, though, a tower falls above you which will open up a further path in the chapel where we fought the two knights. Doubling back to this path leads us to Lapp. Speak to him and exhaust his dialog. Past Lapp is a drop that leads to a Murkman sniping at you, but watch out for others dropping from above, which is very damaging. Be careful of another wizard Murkman behind you. The bridge ahead spawns more Murkmen, but the location is a useful tool for a plunging attack on the giant Harald Knight below. The pool to the right of this spawns yet more Murkmen, but the giant’s indiscriminate mauling will kill them for you if your timing is right. A Titanite Chunk is your reward near the pool, and a Homeward Bone is ahead next to another Gael signpost. Take the long drop to the Earthen Peak Ruins.

Ahead is our second bonfire. Rest and use those new forging materials if you wish. Near the bonfire is our new friend Lapp, whom mentions a treasure in a swamp down below, which is enticing but sounds menacingly familiar. If you die repeatedly, though, he will appear below his normal spot and hand you a Titanite Slab. Coming back here after killing the first boss will grant you a Siegbrau.

Up on the fallen wall to your left is a wall to block the attacks of another Angel that will appear on your right. A group of poison bugs will be there guarding 4 Black Firebombs. Head back down past the bonfire to the left and use the cover of the boulders and shacks to avoid the attacks of the Angel. The farthest shack ahead has two hooded Thralls attached to the wall guarding the Desert Pyromancer’s Garb. To the left of behind a boulder is a body with a Titanite Chunk. The Angel will eventually move positions as it notices more hooded Thralls walking by and killing one of them. The other flees into an opening in the wall to your right, which is where you should head next (remember that one of them is still alive!). An opening on the wall just to the left sits a corpse with an Ember. Outside of this room past the Angel is a Titanite Chunk, but is an unsafe proposition. Heading up above the room will lead you to an opening with a long drop that will net a Titanite Scale.

The Poison Swamp

A small drop below with a Thrall on the receiving end of a plunging attack will lead you to the poison swamp Lapp was describing. An Angel will spawn to your upper left, so head into the building in front of you to fight two poison bugs guarding four very handy Purple Moss Clumps. The optimal path is to the right outside of the building with a sprint toward the giant tree root in the ground. A Harald Knight will spawn ahead of you quietly, so be prepared and whittle it down with ranged attacks before it closes in. A smaller swamp with more poison bugs is housed here, with a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior in the back.

Moving across he swamp at this point is difficult, but a bum rush to the opposite wall will yield a few small safe spots. Make your way around the long end of the swamp while avoiding Angel fire, and then under another root to your right. Another giant will spawn guarding the Herald Curved Greatsword under the fallen tree. Using it as a bridge will bring you to Thrall that can take an easy backstab sitting in front of a Homeward Bone. Dropping down into the swamp from here puts you behind the Angel, whom won’t notice you at this vantage point. Head up the root on the right, but keep in mind that the Angel will start attacking if you grab the Titanite Chunk on the other root further up.

Climb the root and drop down to the lower root on your right after a few steps. Keep climbing and take a left to the rooftops being careful of the Thrall here. Across is another root to climb and more rooftops to your left. Here sits another grotesque being that will kill the Angel, so go take some revenge for your recent irritation. Don’t forget to collect the two Twinkling Titanites that it drops.

From here, it’s worth taking a safer return trip through the swamp to collect items. To the far right is a group of poison bugs guarding a Loincloth. Be careful of the Harald Knight patrolling and take him out in a dry area. To the right of the Loincloth next to a lone bug by the wall is a Titanite Chunk, and in the center of the swamp is Large Soul of a Weary Warrior. A ledge behind you to your right holds the Desert Pyromancer Gloves. Below them is another group of bugs protecting the Desert Pyromancy Skirt. Right next to this is another root to climb. At the top is the Ring of Favor +3, and a short drop to another root below holds another Titanite Chunk.

Drop down back into the swamp and head up the root with the windmill on the right. Drop down again to the next root and up into the cave where you’ll find a lone Thrall with a longsword. Soon enough, Desert Pyromancy Zoey will make her way to you with two more Thralls. She’s packing new pyromancy spells, but has very weak poise due to her light armor. Fast stun-locking melee attacks will work in the short term. She’s a fast fighter, though, and will retreat for Estus refill. Her whip will cause more stamina break than you may expect and has a deceptively long reach as well, so be prepared for a tough fight. She’ll drop the Flame Fan pyromancy upon defeat.

Continue onward and make sure you turn around before heading up the large root to find the Desert Pyromancy Hood. Immediately after climbing the root, the Angel that spawned near the bonfire will be ahead of you. Dropping down to the smaller root to your right will yield a Twinkling Titanite. Follow the root back up, drop to the original root, stay to the right, and follow it for a drop on to another broken wall where another ethereal Gael leads you below to the next bonfire. A Divine Blessing is on the rooftop to the right of the Gael ghost.

Make your preparations by summoning the Slave Knight Gael and Amnesiac Lapp or other players and head forward into the pit. If you like, there’s an opening to the right of the bonfire that a player can fall through to kill the final Angel summoner and find an Ember. From here you can move on to fight Demon in Pain/the Demon from Below and the Demon Prince.

If you're looking to build up your health instead, consider our guide to finding all of the Estus Flasks. You can also read up on how to get the best ending, as well as our full walkthrough of the main game!

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