Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- The Ringed City

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- The Ringed City

Venturing into the eponymous main area.

This guide is designed to take you through the challenges of the Ringed City proper. Though it seems a very straightforward area, several side areas and the culmination of an NPC quest is found here. Be warned that this location is teeming with enemies that can easily block your path forward, making dash-throughs to simply get to the next Bonfire just as challenging as killing everything going forward. Remember to be patient as best you can.

When you first appear in the area, you can turn around immediately and find a Titanite Scale.

To your left before the bonfire is another new NPC whom presents you with a choice. Exhaust his dialogue.

Head down and get behind the gravestones to avoid the fire of the ghost archer corp. Behind you is a small pathway that leads to the Ruin Armor Set. Double back to the grave stones and methodically make your way through on the right side using the graves as cover. Be careful of the Skeletons that spawn. You should see a break in the wall on your right at the third cover wall. Jump forward and fall down the pathways. Turn around to find a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight. Ahead is a Crystal Lizard and a ladder upward.

At the top of the ladder you’ll see the Judicator giant to your right. Avoid the archers and start attacking it being mindful of the melee attackers it spawns and the two skeletons that appear. Once he’s killed, you can head back down to collect the items: an Ember, two Budding Green Blossoms, a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior, and two Titanite Chunks. Head forward down the staircase underneath where the Judicator sat for a Hidden Blessing.

Head forward for another dialog with a new NPC. Exhaust his conversation as usual. Just past him will be three Thieves, two of which are in hiding to the left. Further ahead, three Thieves will ambush you before finding two Purging Stones. Head inside the room for the next bonfire.

The balcony outside is our next encounter with Lapp, whom will toast you with another Siegbrau. Listen to all of his dialog and grab the Ember behind him.

Head down the stairwell and be careful of the three ambushing Thieves. There are two more just outside at the bottom, one of which will attempt to Curse you. Ahead on a corpse is a Hollow Gem. Just past here your first encounter with a Ringed Knight, whom is a tough customer. Watch out for the long reach of his greatsword, particularly when it’s powered up with Fire. Kill him, and make your way to the right to find another cursed Thief guarding a Titanite Chunk. Head downward being careful of two more ambushing Thieves and fight the Hollow Priest. This enemy cannot be backstabbed, but you can flip him over by attacking his head when it prays.

Head inside the building to find three more Hollow Priests around the rotunda. Below is a Ringed Knight with a spear. Another Priest will attack you from a distance, so keep mobile while fighting it. Inside the rotunda is a Shivering Stone.

Outside of this room is a large staircase. To the right going upward, watch out for a small opening in the right wall where a Thief lies in wait. Three large Harald Knights patrol the stairs. When the third makes its way to the top, it will drop down and stand guard at a small alcove to the left and guard a Titanite Chunk along with two Thieves. A small bridge above the stairs is guarded by two lightning-throwing Thieves and is a good place to exercise your plunge attacks against the Harald Knights, but don’t get too comfy up there; the bridge is still low enough to the ground on their return trip down that they can both notice and chase after you. A corpse on the bridge holds two Mossfruit. Underneath the bridge is another Hollow Priest and a cursed Thief. Deal with these enemies and head to the top of the stairs to the door and meet Shira. Let her know that you worship Gwyn and exhaust her dialog. She’ll ask you to slay the dragon Darkeater Midir, and upon accepting the request, will give you the Sacred Chime of Filianore.

Head back up and across the bridge to fight another Ringed Knight. The dark spirit Seeker of the Spurned will invade a very similar enemy to Alva, Seeker of the Spurned found on the way to Irithyll in the main game. He can easily be stunlocked for a few easy hits before retreating, and drops the Wolf Ring +3. He was defending the Black Witch set, roughly similar to what is worn by the main game’s NPC Karla.

Head down the main staircase. Ahead of you are two lighting-throwing Thieves that defend two more Mossfruit. Turn around and you’ll see a small pathway beside the staircase to the left going up. Careful inside as there are several cursed Thieves followed by a spear-wielding Ringed Knight and more Thieves that drop from the ceiling to your left. A Ringed Knight Spear is on the right of the area. To the left is another bridge used to plunge down on three more patrolling Harald Knights that spawned from the water. At the bottom of the staircase is a Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight.

Move down into the wetlands below. Ahead of you, a crowd of Locusts sit around a Dark Gem. Follow them as they run away to the right and you’ll face a larger Locust. Up the stairs are four Prism Stones and the next Bonfire. Drop down off the ledge and again to your immediate left to find the White Preacher Head.

Go back to the stairwell and hang a left from here to go around to the side of the stairs. Around the ruin is a Titanite Chunk. Further around are three Hollow Priests defending a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight and a ladder upward. Atop it is the Locust NPC for more stories. Across the bridge higher up is a Crystal Lizard and two Ringed Knights, and around them is a room with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring +3 and another run in with the NPC Lapp, whom is concerned that his quest might be for nothing. Take a mental note of his location. Back outside and to the right of the ladder as you came up, you can fall down a ledge behind you to a path upwards, which summons in the dark sprit Silver Knight Ledo, whom will drop Ledo’s Great Hammer. Two Titanite Chunks are in the adjoining room.

After dealing with Ledo, head back out the room you came in from and walk straight off the ledge. Carefully make your way downward to find Havel’s Ring +3. Follow the ledges downward back to the ladder.

Make your way forward across the black water being mindful of the large Locusts that are on your right and will spawn from the ground. Ahead is a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior and to the left is a large Locust defending a Twinkling Titanite. Hang on the left wall and walk up the fallen pillar to kill a Hollow Priest. Continue up the path to the left for another Priest guarding the White Birch Bow and a Titanite Chunk to the left. More Priests are around the corner. Further ahead down the hill will be yet another Priest and three Young White Birch consumables, which you can use for a quest a little later. Ahead of you is a small tower being worshipped by some non-aggressive Priests (whom you should kill anyway) and inside is the Church Guardian Shiv.

Outside of the tower and slightly to the left around a tree is a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight. If you keep to around to the left, you’ll face a familiar foe, the Iron Dragonslayer, whom is a reanimated Dragonslayer Armor boss patrolling the back end of the swamp. Killing him nets the Iron Dragonslayer set and the two Titanite Scales it defends. Be warned that his move set is exactly the same as the Dragonslayer Armor boss, and it will relentlessly pursue you no matter how far you run away. Make sure you have a clear area to fight without catching the attention of other foes around you.

Hug the cliff side and take the long way around. You’ll eventually come across a Titanite Chunk. Before going into the structure around the back end, you can head further back into the water to collect items. Taking a right from the last bonfire, you’ll run into your share of giant Locusts. The Judicator will drop a Divine Blessing when killed, and you’ll come across a Titanite Chunk not far beyond him in the open as well as two Souls of a Weary Warrior. On the right side of the wall, you can climb a hill and find the Ringed Knight Straight Sword and the Locust NPC. Just ahead on a fallen tower is the Preacher’s Right Arm.

On to the building to the rear right of the swamp. Before entering, head around the left side to fight a spear Ringed Knight that defends the Black Witch Veil. Heading over the rooftop, there are a few Ringed Knights that can be aggro’d individually, so be careful to take them one at a time. Around the back is a Twinkling Titanite.

Fall off the back end of the building. Ahead is a path downward with a Titanite Scale and a Ringed Knight further below on the path. Continue downward and find the Dragonhead Greatshield below the bridge. Head back up and to the left and keep following the path back inside the building and open the door for a shortcut back to the last Bonfire.

The Humanity Puzzle

Inside the now-opened doorway is a wall with an engraving that asks for you to show your humanity. Head from the bonfire out of the room and to the swamp and kill the giant Locust. From here, use either a Young White Branch (you picked up three of these a bit earlier) or the Chameleon spell inside swampy area to turn into a form of Humanity sprite. Make your way back into the adjoining Bonfire room. As you approach the engraved wall in this form, a ladder will suddenly descend for you. Climb it.

Drop to the courtyard below and fight a Ringed Knight. Around the structure ahead is another Judicator, so be careful not to peak too far around as to let him summon is minions. A stairway is to the left of him, so head downward but be careful not to go too far and fall back into the large stairwell area. Instead, look for a ladder to right of the staircase as you come down. Turn right and grab the Dragonhead Shield while fending off a Thief. Turn around, cross the bridge, and nab the Large Soul of the Crestfallen Knight. Take a right, and you’ll find the large Purging Monument that Lapp was speaking of. Interact with it.

Use a Homeward Bone, Coiled Sword Fragment, or fall off the ledge back to the large stairwell. Head back to Lapp and tell him what you found.

Go back to the bonfire and use the shortcut to cross the bridge. The dragon Midir will swoop in and cook the area with fire, so have a fire-resistant shield ready to protect you. Just as you come across the Soul of the Weary Warrior, an opening on the cliff side to the right will have a Thief waiting for you and two Titanite Scales. Use this spot for some brief safety. Head out again and you’ll find some Rubbish and a place to drop down to the left of the pathway, which is safe to the dragon fire. Two more Titanite Scales are down there. Be careful of the Thieves that pop up as you make your way up the path. Another Soul of a Weary Warrior is out there, but you’re going in harm’s way to obtain it. Instead, head into the lit opening on the Cliffside.

Inside, follow the staircase up and the floor will crumble beneath you. Forward into a small room, you’ll encounter two skeletons guarding a Lightning Gem as the Moaning Knight dark spirit invades. It’s a heavy tank and will grant you the Blindfold Mask when it dies.

Continue upward to find a Simple Gem taking care not to get ambushed by skeletons in the rooms around you. Eventually you’ll find yourself back to where you started, so turn around and head over the rubble to a lower pathway. If you have spoken to Lapp through the DLC and have found the Purging Monument, Lapp will appear and reveal his true identity by sending you further below. Heading back to this spot will grant you Lapp’s Armor Set.

Drop down the next hole, turn around, and find a Blessed Gem. Head back upward and enter the room with a Mimic chest. Kill it to obtain the Ring of the Evil Eye +3. Carefully make your way upward and rest at the new Bonfire.

Ahead of you is Midir. Make your way slowly on the left side of the cliff wall and avoid the fire as best you can. When you get an opening, sprint behind the rocks on the left just up ahead for some cover. This encounter isn’t very challenging, really. After it spews fire, sprint underneath the mouth as it gets ready for another blast and start attacking one of the feet. Take a good 4-6 shots and back away before it starts attacking. With the fire breath, Midir will also stomp on the ground with its claws, try to bite you, or dump an AoE fire attack. As its HP drains, it will become slightly more aggressive with a fire blast followed by something of a laser strike, but this is easily avoided. Attack, retreat, and repeat as necessary until Midir falls into a crumpled state. Perform a critical attack to the face to send it down the chasm below. Walk forward to obtain a Titanite Scale.

Move forward into the building. To your left is a staircase, but to the right of that is an illusory wall with a Hollowed Priest inside. Kill it, and then go through another illusory wall behind it. Collect the Large Soul of a Weary Warrior, and attack yet another illusory wall behind that to obtain the Lightning Arrow Miracle. Head up the staircase.

Kill the Cyrstal Lizard and take note of the item on the statue, which we cannot obtain at this point. Look to the right of the doorway you came in from to find an elevator that will take you back to the second Bonfire we found. Take the elevator back down and you can find a walk way to roll into halfway down. To the right is a hold that you can fall down to reach the statue of Gwyn we say a bit ago and the Chloranthy Ring +3 he’s handing over to the Pygmy. To the left and you’ll find a small room with an Ember. To the right of that is the only statue in the room with no sword, and it’s an illusory wall. Go forward, walk around the ladder, and you’ll find a Filianore’s Spear Ornament, an item for a new Covenant. The ladder will lead to a small chapel with the Antiquated Plain Garb and Violet Wrappings. You can summon the NPC Shira, Knight of Filianore to the left of the altar, and then drop down behind it for the final showdown with the dragon Midir The Darkeater. Check out our separate page for tips on killing it.

Outside of this room is a Ringed Knight with the Paired Greatswords. Killing it will grant you the weapon automatically. To the left of the pathway are three Budding Green Blossoms. To the right is the Divine Spear Monument, which is where you can offer your Filianore’s Spear Ornament to ultimately join the Spears of the Church Covenant. The Divine Spear Fragment is sitting behind the Monument. Move up to the doorway and take a left over the rocks to drop down and find two Twinkling Titanite.

Open the door and listen to the warning given to you. Unbreakable Patches has a summon sign just to the right of the open doors if you’ve completed the Lapp quest, and with the fog wall just ahead of you, it’s also helpful to summon other players from this spot, because it’s time for the next boss, Judicator Argo. See our guide for fighting him here.

It’s a straight line to the end of the DLC from here. Check back for our guides on killing the final boss, Slave Knight Gael.

Spears of the Church Covenant

Killing the optional boss Midir The Darkeater grants you the item to join the new Covenant Spears of the Church. This is a PvP Covenant for use with the Judicator Argo boss fight. As players enter the boss arena, Argo may summon you in to fight them if they’re playing online. Winning the fight will grant you Filianore’s Spear Ornaments, which you can use at the Diving Spear Monument located just outside of Argo’s boss fight. Offering 10 will grant you Young Grass Dew, and offering 30 will bestow the Ritual Spear Fragment, which a weapon used in online fights.

If you're looking to build up your health before taking on the bosses, consider our guide to finding all of the Estus Flasks. You can also read up on how to get the best ending, as well as our full walkthrough of the main game!

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