Dark Souls Remastered Fixes Blighttown's Frame Rate Drops, so No More Excuses

Dark Souls Remastered Fixes Blighttown's Frame Rate Drops, so No More Excuses

"No more excuses." Like I'm one to talk.

Dark Souls' Blighttown, a swampy bug-infested area infamous for its frame rate drops, runs beautifully in Dark Souls Remastered. Our compadres at Digital Foundry have video evidence of the fix. You'd best get to praising.

First, Digital Foundry's Thomas Morgan takes us on a trip back to 2011 to remind us how Blighttown runs on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 4 (hint: Kind of bad). The area's frame rate struggles to stay at 20 FPS, often dipping down to 12 or 15 FPS when the player uses the wooden elevator to descend into the swampiest bit of the level. Throw in the constant barrage of venomous insects (which slow things down further), and you have a rare example of a Dark Souls area that can potentially lead the player to fail through no fault of their own. Even playing Dark Souls on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility doesn't fix the issue, though playing on the Xbox One X gives players something close to 30 FPS at least 75% of the time.

But you probably won't want to give backwards compatibility a backwards glance (heeey) when you see Blighttown in Dark Souls Remastered run at a buttery 60 FPS on the vanilla PlayStation 4. From Software seemingly didn't sacrifice any visual details to make the magic happen, either. "Visually speaking there's no apparent trade-off; looking down onto that swampy stress point, the enemies, lily-pads and stonework all render in on PlayStation 4 just as they did on 360 back in the day," Morgan writes. "Level of detail settings were ambitious for last-gen systems, and you get the sense that From Software took a no-compromise mentality to avoiding pop-in."

Digital Foundry hasn't put Dark Souls Remastered through its paces on the Xbox One X yet, but it notes Blighttown's frame rates dropped a very little bit on the Xbox One and Xbox One S versions of the game.

Dark Souls Remastered is coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 25. The Nintendo Switch version follows later this summer. Praise our Dark Souls Remastered guide for its myriad tips, hints, and strategies.

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