Darksiders Genesis Characters List

Darksiders Genesis Characters List

Darksiders Genesis is a prequel to the main series. Here's which characters are in the game.

Darksiders Genesis features many of the characters from the three mainline games. It serves as a prequel, and has a distinctly different gameplay loop than the others. It's more of a loot-em-up, as you explore a variety of worlds as either Strife or War. Here's which characters feature in the game's story.

Darksiders Genesis Characters List

You'll likely recognize some familiar faces while playing Darksiders Genesis. There are new characters as well as returning ones from the three main games. Here are the main characters.

  • Abaddon
  • Astarte
  • Belial
  • Dagon
  • Death
  • Dis
  • Fury
  • Lucifer
  • Mammon
  • Moloch
  • Samael
  • Strife
  • The Charred Council
  • Vulgrim
  • War


Strife is one of two protagonists in Darksiders Genesis. He is the rider of the White Horse and one of the Horsemen of The Apocalypse. Strife has featured in every Darksiders game thus far, and can be seen wielding his iconic dual-revolvers Mercy and Redemption in this game. Strife is voiced by Chris Jai Alex in Genesis.

Strife | Jake Green, USG


War is the other playable protagonist featured in Darksiders Genesis. He is much more of an up-close and personal fighter when compared to Strife. War is the youngest of the Four Horsemen, and is the main protagonist of the first Darksiders game. In this game, War is being sent to kill Lucifer, who is planning to bring about an end to human kind. War is voiced by Liam O'Brien.

War | Jake Green,USG


Samael is a big bad demon, who previously served as an antagonist in Darksiders and Darksiders 2. In Genesis, he's making all sorts of moves, clashing with Strife and War after they infiltrate his lair. He becomes pretty important to the overall plot, though we won't spoil why here. Samael is voiced by Vernon Wells.

The two protagonists of Darksiders Genesis | Jake Green, USG


Vulgrim is a recurring character in the Darksiders series. He's a demon merchant of sorts, and is responsible for unlocking the Creature Cores skill tree in Darksiders Genesis. This allows you to add permanent buffs to Strife and War. He travels around the realms of Eden using the Serpent Hole. Vulgrim is voiced by Phil Lamarr.

Exploring a Realm | Airship Syndicate, THQ Nordic


Fans of the series will remember Abaddon as being the main antagonist of the first Darksiders game. He tried to trigger the apocalypse, but was stopped by War. In Genesis, Abaddon forms a temporary alliance with Strife and War, in an attempt to fight back against his own corrupted army and the Grinner that was laying waste to the realm. Abaddon is voiced by Troy Baker.

Those are all of the main players in Darksiders Genesis. For more on the game be sure to check out our interview with the game's creative director. Elsewhere there's our look at playing co-op in the game.

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