Darksiders Genesis: How to Play Splitscreen Local Co-Op

Darksiders Genesis: How to Play Splitscreen Local Co-Op

Darksiders Genesis has some pretty robust multiplayer functionality. Here's how to set up a local co-op game.

Darksiders Genesis is essentially an isometric loot-em-up in the vein of games like Diablo and Path of Exile. You'll blast way as either Strife or War, packing guns, swords and special abilities. You and a friend can team up on the same screen using the local co-op functionality. In this guide we'll show you how to set it up.

How to Play Local Co-Op With a Friend

To play splitscreen co-op with a friend in Darksiders Genesis you'll need to find a Summoning Stone. Here are the steps to follow once you've found one:

  1. They're clearly marked on your map, as a purple pillar. Head to one and interact with it to bring up the co-op menu.
  2. Now, player 2 can press any button to join.
  3. You'll each control one character, either Strife or War.
Find a Summoning Stone to play co-op | Jake Green/USG

Playing Co-Op With Someone Online

To play co-op with someone online you'll need a PS Plus membership on PS4 or an Xbox Games With Gold subscription on Xbox One. When loading into a game you'll have the option to select Private or Online. Select Online. Once you are in a game press pause and select the Co-Op Party option. This will allow you to matchmake with players online.

That's how to play co-op in Darksiders Genesis. For more on the game check out our interview with creative director Joe Madureira.

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