Data Miners Find Hints of Cool Upcoming Content in Sea of Thieves Beta

Get busy living, or get Kraken.

Our own Mike Williams went on a journey with the Sea of Thieves closed beta last week. He found the experience fun, if a little lacking in stuff to see and do (especially if you don't take along a full crew of good mateys).

The journey's far from lost, though. Data miners recently dug through the beta, discovered a slew of upcoming content, and shared their findings on the Sea of Thieves subreddit. There's tons of information about new clothing styles, new character animations, new weapons, new locations, and—this is the most important thing—more information about the kraken. There are reportedly animations for underwater roaring, dying, and a power-slam move, which indicates players can go toe-to-tentacles with the monster of the deep.

Get ready for a big hug.

This isn't the first datamine the Sea of Thieves subreddit's performed. Another was conducted last week, which also discovered new animations for the kraken. This adds credence to the belief players will wind up fighting the big slimy dude.

Other welcome updates that are seemingly in the pipeline: Different types of skeletons (metal, shadow, and plant in addition to bone), and more variety in missions.

Look for Sea of Thieves on March 20 on Xbox One and PC.

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