Dataminers Uncover SNES Game Data on Nintendo Switch Online, Including a Lost Classic

Dataminers Uncover SNES Game Data on Nintendo Switch Online, Including a Lost Classic

If your 3D racing game doesn't feature cars with eyes for headlights, don't even talk to me.

So far, Nintendo Switch Online's NES catalogue is a bit of a "Meh" replacement for the Wii and Wii U's Virtual Console retro game service. We know SNES games are coming at some point, but in lieu of hard info, a dataminer has been able to shed some light on what to expect in the future.

Over the weekend, "KapuccinoHeck" shared some revealing information from their journey through Nintendo Switch Online's [code] strings. There are seemingly a lot of SNES games in the queue, including biggies like Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and, of course, Super Mario World.

It's best not to get your hopes up until Nintendo confirms this list of games for itself. That said, KapuccinoHeck posted the Nintendo Online string on Pastebin, so you can study it for yourself and see if you get anything out of it.

The games list—provided it's legit—is a very interesting study. Many of the games are the usual suspects and are easily found on other iteration of the Virtual Console, or on the SNES Classic. But one game on the list, Stunt Race FX, has languished in obscurity since its release in 1994. The polygonal stunt racing game uses the Super FX chip to let you race, jump, and crash in fully 3D worlds that are undeniably charming even though they run at something like 10 frames per second. I loved the game when I was younger, and it'd be nice to see more people try out this "lost" title for themselves.

It's also worth pointing out the supposed inclusion of Breath of Fire 2, Demon's Crest, Contra 3, and a couple more third-party games. That's a good sign Nintendo Switch Online might be getting third-party support, making it a true-blue follow-up to the Virtual Console. When I penned my wishlist for What We Want From Nintendo in 2019, I hoped for a beefed-up Nintendo Online Service that includes SNES games from first- and- third-parties. Hopefully we're on the road to seeing my wish granted.

When Nintendo finally decides to officially unveil its SNES game catalogue for Nintendo Switch Online, it'll probably do so through a Nintendo Direct. Either way, an announcement should be incoming sooner or later. We'll keep you posted.

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