David Hayter is Back as Solid Snake... In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid 5, David Hayter is back to provide original voice lines for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version of Snake.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans had a lot to digest after Nintendo's lengthy E3 2018 reveal of the game yesterday. In among the reveal of Ridley and other characters, one news item slipped under the radar: David Hayter is back as Solid Snake.

The Metal Gear Solid character making a return to the Smash Bros. series is itself noteworthy, considering he's been absent from the series for almost a decade now. Although Kiefer Sutherland replaced David Hayter for Metal Gear Solid 5, the last (and maybe final?) Metal Gear Solid game, David Hayter is back as Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Hayter was previously the voice for Solid Snake all the way from Metal Gear Solid, to Metal Gear Solid 4, including entries like Snake Eater and Sons of Liberty. Hideo Kojima decided to replace the long time voice actor in favor of Sutherland for Metal Gear Solid 5, a game that would ultimately be deemed unfinished by its fan base upon release in September 2015.

Sutherland was very much Kojima's choice for Snake in MGS5, so it's unlikely he'll return to the series, while Kojima himself left Konami to make Death Stranding for Sony at a now independent Kojima Productions. Hayter looks to be still game for providing voice work for Metal Gear projects, however, even if his last stint in the role did come in a Ford commercial back in 2016.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was detailed heavily at Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation, and included the surprise reveal of Ridley (antagonist in the Metroid series) as a playable character. Head over to our full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide for all you need to know about the upcoming game, which releases worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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