David Hayter is Not a Fan of Snake’s Flat Butt in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The new character design has sparked outrage from fans, and a grassroots campaign in #FreeSnakesButt

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During its E3 2018 Treehouse Event, Nintendo went into a deep dive on some of the characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Everything from minor tweaks to movesets were detailed, as well as the revelation that Solid Snake has all but lost his infamous derrière. There had already been a notable backlash from fans, but now even David Hayter, the actor most-known for voicing Solid Snake, has gotten in on the debate.

The veteran voice-actor took to Twitter to voice his concern, siding with fans who feel that the new Solid Snake has been somewhat short-changed when compared to his counterpart from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

You can check out the new character model in action in the video below. Snake makes his return to the series after it was revealed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature every fighter in Smash history. He'll bring remote explosives, his trademark bandana and a cardboard box or two to the game, when it releases December 7, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

It remains unclear whether Snake's butt will be fixed before the game launches, but given the ever-growing outcry from fans using the #FreeSnakesButt hashtag, let's hope that Sakurai changes his mind. For now, here are some of the best Tweets we've seen from the movement so far.

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