Days Gone Patch Pulled After Players Report PS4 System Crashes

The freaker hordes aren't the only thing you need to be afraid of.

Last week marked the release of Days Gone, the first major release from SIE Bend Studio in many years. While the reviews were middling, there's still a strong community of fans who are enjoying the post-apocalyptic adventures of Deacon St. John. Many reviews noted some technical issues with Days Gone, like audio dropouts or my own issue with being unable to select the Rock distraction item until I reset the game completely.

Given those notable problems, Bend Studio has been working hard to patch Days Gone. Patch 1.04 went live a day before the official release, with Patch 1.05 and Patch 1.06 coming this week. Unfortunately, Patch 1.06 seems to have introduced a new problem. Players are reporting hard system crashes that didn't exist prior to the patch.

"Beware Patch 1.06," said one Reddit thread that popped up earlier today from user Negative_Nester. "Since the release of the patch, my PS4 Pro has hard crashed twice, almost instantaneously," said the user. "I've never seen a patch reset consoles like this though. It made me believe my PS4 was broken when it happened." While many replied noting no crashes on their end, others confirmed that they too had crashes.

"Hi, same here with the patch 1.06. Two hard crash. When it happens, I can't power on my PS4 with the controller or with the power button on the front of my PS4 Pro. I had to unplug the power cord to restart the PS4," said user xOrion60.

"My PS4 keeps crashing over and over, literally cannot continue playing the game. I'm fuming," said user Dreadman00.

"Patch 1.06 breaks my game. Crashes every [5 minutes] now," reported ResetEra poster La Fawn Duh.

SIE Bend Studio confirmed via its official Reddit account that it is aware of the issue. "We're currently aware of the shutdown issues players are encountering. We are actively working on a fix. We're very sorry for the inconvenience," said the post. Oddly enough, Patch 1.06 was meant to correct the audio dropout issue I mentioned above, according to the patch notes. Those patch notes have since been updated with the crashes as a "known issue". Bend Studio has seemingly pulled the patch for the time being; those who haven't downloaded Patch 1.06 yet will instead default to Patch 1.05.

Sometimes, you really need those rocks, man. | Mike Williams/USG, SIE Bend Studio

There doesn't seem to be a fix for the issue I personally had during the review period. Days Gone is primarily stealth-driven in terms of play and one of your strongest tools is the rock. You have unlimited rocks and you can throw them to distract enemies. The bug makes it so that you can't select the rock in the radial menu. I played for a few hours without the ability to distract enemies using the rock, and only fixed the issue by completely closing down the game and reloading it. (Saving and loading the same save didn't fix it.) Other players in the Days Gone bug thread have reported a similar issue with binoculars.

Fans have applauded SIE Bend Studio's speed with these patches. Not only have the patches come quick, aimed at problems like the audio bug or frame rate drops, but Bend Studio moved very fast in delisting Patch 1.06 today. Bend is one of Sony's smaller studios, so getting Days Gone into a better state is job number one for keeping a strong community and a potential sequel. Days Gone sales have been strong so far, with the game being the biggest launch in the United Kingdom in 2019 so far, in terms of physical sales.

Alongside the patches, Bend Studio has more coming to Days Gone in the future. There's a promised Survival difficulty setting, weekly challenges, and more coming as free updates over the summer. If you're currently jamming with the zombie adventure, you can also check out our Days Gone guides hub for more tips on playing the game.

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