Days Gone Getting an Ultra Hard Setting After Launch

Along with more free content in the summer.

One of Sony's big exclusives for 2019, Days Gone, is coming out later this week on April 26. But even if you beat the game in a marathon sitting, Bend Studios has you covered thanks to free content DLC coming in June.

Days Gone will ship with three standard difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard. But come June, players will have access to the Survival difficulty setting which removes HUD elements like maps and indicators and gets rid of perks like fast travel and survival vision. Bend Studios says that not only does this make the experience more immersive but challenging as well.

There will also be weekly challenges beginning in June for Bike, Horde, or Combat challenges. There's not details about what these challenges are just yet, but they apparently take standard gameplay features in Days Gone and change them up in specific ways for greater difficulty and additional rewards.

Days Gone is a massive zombie survival game set in the woods of Oregon. Players take the role of Deacon, a biker and zombie survivor who's just trying to make it in this undead infested life. We got a chance to speak with Bend Studios about the upcoming zombie title, including how politics shapes the post-apocalyptic life there.

While the zombie genre has had a good run, there's always room for more undead video games. Bend Studios looks to be differentiating itself by going all-out on the number of actual zombies, plus a unique open world. We'll see if it pays off when Days Gone arrives later this week on April 26.

Check out our Days Gone guide for more of our coverage on Bend's upcoming zombie thriller.

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