Days Gone: What Happened to Sarah?

Days Gone: What Happened to Sarah?

Sarah Whitaker is the driving force for Days Gone’s Deacon St. John. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Days Gone’s main plot revolves around a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by ravenous infected Freakers. Really though, it’s all about Deacon St. John’s grief over the loss of his wife Sarah. From the opening cutscene, Deacon is wracked with guilt, and much of what follows is intrinsically tied to his decision to leave Sarah aboard a medical chopper. Despite this opening scene, there’s always a nagging sense that Deacon is missing a part of the story regarding Sarah’s death, and as the game goes on, you’ll come to learn that things are not quite as they seem. To set the record straight, we’ve put together this guide on what happened to Sarah in Days Gone. Obviously, there will be full story spoilers for Days Gone ahead, so proceed at your own risk.

What Happens to Sarah in Days Gone

At the start of Days Gone, you’ll watch a lengthy cutscene detailing the start of the Freaker outbreak. Deacon, Boozer, and Sarah are all trying to leave the city, though after Sarah is wounded by a small child brandishing a knife, Deacon has to make a choice. This choice is forced upon Deacon by Nero Researcher O’Brian, as he informs them that there is only room for two more people on the evac chopper. Deacon chooses to load Sarah onto the chopper, though stays behind to ensure the survival of his friend Boozer. This decision sets up the main story moving forward.

Days Gone: Is Sarah Alive?

Once the main game gets going, it is revealed that Deacon is under the assumption that Sarah is dead. This is because he and Boozer went to search the Nero Checkpoint where she had been transported, only to find that it had been overrun and destroyed. Deacon now makes regular visits North to this site, even laying a gravestone which he visits to grieve. Despite this revelation, hope arrives in the form of a black Nero Chopper, which Deacon follows to a test site. It’s here that he confronts O’Brian, and receives the first breadcrumb of information that Sarah may indeed be alive. After helping O’Brian with some covert intel gathering, Deacon is told that Sarah would have had the clearance to have been evacuated at the Nero Research site before it was besieged. Eventually, Deacon rides down to a military camp in the South to look for her, and finds Sarah working as Medical Officer for the newly formed militia group.

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What Happens to Sarah at the End of Days Gone?

So, after Deacon and Sarah are reunited, they eventually make plans to flee the military camp together. This all coincides with a siege by Nero and Lost Lake, in which Wizard Island is destroyed, and Deacon emerges victorious, Sarah in step. After this, Deacon and Sarah ride off into the sunset (literally), and it is implied that they go on to live their lives in and around Lost Lake Camp. Once you’re returned to the world, you’ll be free to explore and tidy up anything you miss. There is a secret ending to unlock, details of which can be found in our Days Gone Secret Ending Guide.

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