Days Gone’s Secret Weapon is an Awesome Nod to Syphon Filter

Days Gone’s Secret Weapon is an Awesome Nod to Syphon Filter

Hidden all the way at the end of the game.

Days Gone is a pretty lengthy game, as it'll take you close to 80 hours to see everything. Even after the credits roll, there are a bunch of secrets to uncover, most notably a secret weapon. The weapon in question is a clear nod to the Syphon Filter series, which developer SIE Bend Studio worked on well before Days Gone. If you'd like to find this secret for yourself, then you’ll want to avoid the spoilers ahead.

Days Gone’s Secret weapon is offered up as part of its super-secret ending, which we won't spoil here. After being given the blueprint, you’ll need to trawl the game’s massive open-world, collecting pieces of IPCA Tech. It’s well worth it though, as you’ll be rewarded with the IPCA Stun Gun, which Syphon Filter fans might recognize. The Stun Gun is a clear throwback to the one featured in Syphon Filter, and even shares it’s tendency to set enemies ablaze if used for too long.

Even cooler is the fact that the IPCA Stun Gun features the initials ‘G.L’, which is a nod to Syphon Filter protagonist Gabe Logan. It takes a bit of photo-mode magic to see, but right on the top of the weapon are the bright yellow initials. You can check them out in the screenshot below:

Gabe and Deke would definitely be best pals. | Jake Green

Fans are still pouring over Days Gone, so it’s likely we’ll see some more Easter Eggs in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Days Gone Review.

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