Dead Cells is Leaving Early Access and Coming to Consoles in August

Motion Twin's tight Metroidvania roguelike is coming to everything.

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Motion Twin has announced that Dead Cells will be coming to PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 7, 2018. That's pretty much everything except for mobile platforms and Dead Cells isn't the type of game you play on a touchscreen.

The title is a roguelike Metroidvania where you play a collection of cells possessing a corpse. You're trying to fight your way to freedom through 13 different environments and a host of enemies. Dying brings you all the way back to your starting location, but along your journey, you'll unlock upgrades and new weapons for your character. So you're starting at the beginning, but not really.

What makes Dead Cells really work is incredibly tight movement and combat mechanics. If you wanted to hand this team Castlevania tomorrow, I'd be completely behind it, because Dead Cells nails the moment-to-moment play. On top of that, there's some great pixel art and smooth animation.

Dead Cells will be available on all platforms for $24.99. There is currently a 20% discount for pre-orders on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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  • Avatar for RunnersDialZero #1 RunnersDialZero 4 months ago
    I’ve heard good things about this from a friend and will probably pick it up. How is it in terms of secrets? I’ve really been enjoying Hollow Knight on Switch, so more Metroidvania is fine by me.
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  • Avatar for Stepout #2 Stepout 4 months ago
    @RunnersDialZero I think it's pretty good in terms of secrets, lots of areas to explore and mini-bosses to beat.
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