Dead Rising 3 Gets a 13GB Patch

The digital age, ladies and gentlemen. Hope you don't have a bandwidth cap on your ISP.

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Capcom's finally released the patch notes for the 13GB update. It includes the content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 -- suggesting that 1 and 2 were either on the disc or in the day-one update -- along with various unremarkable fixes and tweaks. You can read the full patch notes here.

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The digital age brings us a lot of convenience. It's pretty neat to be able to decide that you want a game and be able to buy a copy without even having to leave your chair if you don't want to -- and even neater to be able to have a library of games at your fingertips without having to worry about storing physical goods.

At the same time, though, the convenience of the digital age has brought us the inconvenience of patches. While it's good that developers are able to update, fix and improve games even after release, when a patch that is mandatory to download in order to keep playing online weighs in at 13GB -- over half the game's 19.9GB install size -- then you have to perhaps question the... efficiency of the way things are going. Particularly when a significant proportion of gamers are still having to content with bandwidth caps from their Internet service providers.

But what does this 13GB patch actually do? Well, here's the silly thing: no-one seems to know. Both the NeoGAF and Reddit communities have been investigating, but relatively few concrete explanations have been found -- and official patch notes don't appear to be forthcoming as yet.

Current speculation has come to two possible conclusions, both of which may or may not be true. Firstly, and most likely to be the case, is the fact that the 13GB patch is overwriting a significant number of the game's original files, perhaps to update assets with newer versions in order to be compatible with future content, or simply to improve the existing experience. The fact that the game's total install size does not increase by 13GB after the patch has been installed would seem to suggest that this is the case -- not all of that 13GB is "new" content.

The second possible explanation is that the 13GB update includes the content for the upcoming Operation Broken Eagle DLC, part of the game's four-episode Season Pass. By downloading the DLC as an update, activating the content would be a simple matter of downloading a small unlock code and being able to immediately start playing rather than having to start the game, buy the DLC and then wait for it to download.

Capcom is yet to confirm the patch contents at the time of writing, and the official Dead Rising Twitter account has been radio silent since January 18. Maybe the zombies got them.

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