Dead Rising 4 "Frank's Big Package" is Coming to the PS4 This December

Happy holidays, and a gory New Year!

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Dead Rising 4 is finally coming out on the PlayStation 4 with a new, complete edition of the game Capcom is calling, "Frank's Big Package."

The PS4 release of Dead Rising 4 includes the base game with all the post-launch updates, all the downloadable content including the Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, all the bonus content like the Street Fighter Outfit pack, and a new Capcom Heroes experience.

The Capcom Heroes add-on lets Frank play through the story wearing over a dozen outfits borrowed from other Capcom games. Want to dive kick like Cammy from Street Fighter? Or blast your Mega Man X arm cannon? The biggest costume surprise is probably Frank's Sissel outfit from the Nintendo DS puzzle game, Ghost Trick.

Sissel outfit
Mega Man X, or course

Additionally, Xbox One and PC owners will get all the new Dead Rising 4 content as a free update when Frank's Big Package hits shelves. So don't worry about missing out on any potential new content.

Our review of Dead Rising 4 said that the game, "continues the idea of mainstream accessibility that started in Dead Rising 3," but that fans looking for something closer to the first Dead Rising should probably consider the HD re-release instead.

Much like the Christmas theme of Dead Rising 4, Frank's Big Package is set to release for the PS4 on December 5 for $49.99

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