Dead Space Creator Shares His Dream Horror Project

Dead Space Creator Shares His Dream Horror Project

Says it's similar to "Alien."

Glen Schofield is known for two things: co-founding Sledgehammer Games at Activision, and as one of the creators of Dead Space at Visceral Games. In a new interview, Schofield revealed some of the reasons behind his departure after almost 10 years at Activision, and what his dream sci-fi project might look like if given a shot at making it.

Schofield spoke with Game Informer on its latest podcast to talk about his time at Activision, which saw the release of three Call of Duty games under Sledgehammer. The most recent was 2017's Call of Duty: World War 2. "I had a really good run while I was there," Schofield says. "We made three Call of Duty games over the course of nine years and built a studio. So, I feel pretty content and leaving them in a good place."

Schofield says he's currently doing a little teaching at the Art Academy in San Francisco and prepping students for the video game industry. He was also asked about any possible dream projects he might pursue if given the resources. To which Schofield said he'd like to make a dark sci-fi game in the realm of Ridley Scott'sAlien.

"I'm of the belief that if we meet our alien friends they're not gonna walk on two legs, or four legs, they're gonna be amoeba-like." Schofield stops short of calling it a Dead Space successor, but says it would be similarly dark, if not darker. Considering how Dead Space turned out, the idea of a dark, sci-fi horror game is likely a subject near and dear to his heart. Though he makes it clear that it would be a good mix of horror and shooting, rather than just the former.

Schofield and co-founder Michael Condrey were both moved from Sledgehammer Games to VP of Development roles at Activision in 2018. That same year Condrey left and started a new studio at 2K games, and Schofield departed soon after him.

Schofield hasn't revealed his next move but did mention some of the final work he did at Activision before leaving. That included an original IP Activision passed on, and a lot of talk about Fortnite which was gaining traction that year.

Schofield says that he "did a little prototype for them," but that Activision didn't go for it. "It's hard to get a great new IP going, and you got to put time and effort and money into these things. We put time and effort into it and some money, and it just didn't work out. It hurts at times, but I have enough other ideas that it's okay." Schofield says he obviously can't share what that idea was, but maybe it'll take on new life at Activision years later.

The latest Call of Duty title released was Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by Treyarch. You can read our complete coverage over at our Black Ops 4 guides hub.

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