Death in Candlewood: First-Person Horror from Silent Hill, The Witcher and BioShock Devs

Death in Candlewood: First-Person Horror from Silent Hill, The Witcher and BioShock Devs

An ambitious new project has just hit Kickstarter, with some serious horror talent behind it.

New video game crowdfunding campaigns seem to launch every other day right now, but occasionally one jumps out as being particularly interesting.

In the case of the horror game project Death in Candlewood from new Barcelona-based outfit Rosebud Games, there's a few aspects that make it stand out.

First of all, there's the pedigree of the developers who have formed this studio: having previously worked on titles including Silent Hill: Origins, The Witcher, F.E.A.R. and BioShock, they've certainly got experience between them in making dark, bleak and horrifying worlds.

Secondly, it's an ambitious-sounding title that, if it achieves what it's setting out to do, could be a very strong example of both horror and open-world games.

Set in 1940s America, the game eschews the popular Lovecraft influences of much modern horror, instead favoring the gothic fiction of Edgar Allen Poe as its source material. Playing the role of doctor Ray Dune, you're forced into an adventure in and around the Candlewood Mountains as you attempt to rescue your adopted son from a madman.

The game unfolds from a first-person perspective but isn't your conventional first-person shooter or survival horror affair. Rather, it's an open-world adventure that spans six square kilometers of landscape and promises a thousand different buildings that you can enter and explore. To get around, you'll be able to walk, run, drive vehicles and swim, and stealth elements will see you sneaking around in the dark trying not to be spotted.

As you progress through the adventure, you'll meet citizens of Candlewood, each of whom have dialogue that reacts to things that have happened, and randomized events will make each playthrough somewhat unpredictable. In combat, there's 20 different weapons to use, role-playing game elements to customize your character and "slow-motion cinematic dodge maneuvers" when engaged in melee combat -- a common weakness in first-person titles.

Rosebud is looking for just $60,000 to fund the project via Kickstarter, since it's already well into development and looking good. The $60,000 will cover the last stretch of development and publishing the game on PC, while stretch goals take aim at support for Mac and Linux systems, translation into other languages, Oculus Rift support and a mysterious "secret" goal should the team successfully raise $200,000.

Should the campaign prove successful, Death in Candlewood is set for release in about a year's time -- the spring of 2015. Find out more here.

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