This Could Be a Death Stranding ARG and People are Freaking Out

This Could Be a Death Stranding ARG and People are Freaking Out

Could this reveal the Death Stranding release date?

Hang on tight because something might be brewing at Kojima Productions for Death Stranding in the form of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) hosted by Twitter bot @Archillect.

A while back the @Archillect Twitter account began tweeting pictures related to Kojima Productions. Sleuthes hunted down a webpage on Archillect's official website for the tag "204863" a number associated with the cancelled P.T. Silent Hills game. That page it turns out redirected to the official Kojima Production website. The webpage wasn't live at the time, so fans began waiting for the page to go live, which it did today.

Earlier today the @Archillect Twitter account began tweeting clips of Death Stranding, and images referencing Kojima's next game like this baby from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The account then tweeted a picture of white strands cutting across a black page, a reference to the Death Stranding poster that features a similar motif.

Source: ResetEra

Finally, the Archillect Twitter account posted a countdown that ended with a picture of multi-colored dots arranged in a pattern. The account then once again posted an image that redirects to the official Kojima Productions website.

The dots revealed by the "ArchKojillect Countdown" is currently being scrutinized by ARG hunters. On Resetera the dots are theorized to be a Machine Identification Code and is being dissected. Nobody knows what these images could mean, if anything, but the Resetera thread is 13 pages long and counting while the r/DeathStranding subreddit is also in investigation mode.

While some say this could all just be a bunch of nonsense, Kojima is well-known for his meta games. So far, the popular theory is that this could be a puzzle that will reveal the Death Stranding release date based on tweets by @Archillect creator Murat Pak.

The latest developments in the ARG seems to have revealed a coded message that references the final lines of the last Death Stranding trailer. Clearly the mystery is afoot.

Could we uncover the Death Stranding release date? Will we find something else entirely? Could this be nothing at all? Who knows but check out our Death Stranding Everything We Know page for updates.

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