Death Stranding is About Being Connected to the Internet But Disconnected From the Real World, Kojima Says

Death Stranding is About Being Connected to the Internet But Disconnected From the Real World, Kojima Says

Kojima revealed more about Death Stranding at a film festival this week.

Hideo Kojima was at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this week to promote his upcoming game Death Stranding with its star Norman Reedus. Kojima's reputation as a film connoisseur makes his talk on Death Stranding at the Tribeca Film Festival a perfect fit.

"It's an action game, an open-world action game, but it's really new. It's something new," Kojima said. "There's so many things happening in the real world–in America, in Europe–everything is actually connected by internet, but we're not connected in the real world these days. I'm putting that in a metaphor in the game. So the player will have to reconnect the world in the game. You have a very alone and solitude feeling, but you're trying to connect."

Connection is the key theme for Death Stranding, said Kojima while Reedus agreed. He believes players will cry when they play the game because they will be "emotionally involved in so many ways."

"The key word is connection," Kojima said. "There's so many things in between, of course, but the theme of connection. I also threw in a really new idea in the game: you're connecting the game and everyone's playing it together and everyone will be connected, as well, and I can't say anything else because Sony will be very unhappy."

While Kojima refrained from saying anything else for Sony's sake, he revealed that the mysterious setting we've been teased with takes place "a little bit into the future, but it's a metaphor for the current [time] or something that would tend to happen in a couple of years."

Alongside Reedus, Death Stranding stars actors like Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner. Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro even appears in the game, and he previously was set to work with Kojima on the canceled Silent Hills.

There's still no release date for Death Stranding. With the PlayStation 5 not coming anytime in the next 12 months, it's really anyone's guess if we'll see Death Stranding this generation, next-gen, or as a cross-gen title. Check out our Death Stranding guide for more coverage.

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