Death Stranding: Is There a Maximum Porter Grade Level?

Death Stranding: Is There a Maximum Porter Grade Level?

We take a look at whether there is a limit to how high you can get your Porter Grade in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is game about extinction, throwing poop grenades at ghosts, and helping Guillermo Del Toro reconnect America. It’s also about delivering packages to those in need, with cargo ranging from life-saving vaccines to hot pepperoni pizza. As you deliver more and more cargo your Porter Grade will increase—essentially a star-shaped grading system that evaluates your performance throughout the game. By the end of the main story, you’ll likely have hit level 200, so you’re probably wondering whether there is a max level in Death Stranding. Let’s find out.

What is the Maximum Porter Grade in Death Stranding?

In most games, there’s a clear level cap to grind towards. In Death Stranding, not so much. There are five different arms of the star-shaped evaluation chart that you’ll be shown upon completing an order, and each will level up as you play. This progress is then combined to give an overall Porter Grade, though this is where things get tricky. We’ve managed to get some of the five levelling systems as high as 90, with a combined Porter Grade of 370 being our current level. Problem is, at this level you’ll need to be getting a huge amount of likes to progress. We theorize that each of the five categories can go up to 100, though it’s extremely unlikely that any player will reach this. The maximum Porter Grade would therefore be 500. We’ve yet to see anyone get close to this level, but will update this page once we have more info.

What is the Maximum Porter Title

As you level up your Porter Grade in Death Stranding you’ll earn new titles, Courier for example. Given that we have yet to see anyone hit the max level yet in Death Stranding we don’t have confirmation of the final title. It’s likely to be Great Deliverer, given that this is what the rest of the world refers to Sam as at the end of the game. If we hear more we’ll be sure to update this page.

That’s what we know about the max Porter Grade in Death Stranding so far. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on the Memory Chip locations. There’s also our look at getting your first vehicle, and our full story explainer.

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