Death Stranding Leaks Suggest a 2019 Release Date and Reveal Pre-Order Bonuses

Death Stranding Leaks Suggest a 2019 Release Date and Reveal Pre-Order Bonuses

We could be stranded by death this year, even.

There has been a lot of build-up to today's big Death Stranding reveal. An ominous Twitch stream has been playing obfuscated gameplay, with ambient noise and voices in the background. It is sufficiently cryptic, but a few details seem to have already leaked out about the upcoming Kojima Productions game.

According to a post on the Taiwanese Playstation Facebook page (preserved via Twitter persona Nibellion), Death Stranding will launch on November 8. A release date this year would be surprisingly welcome, considering how long we've gone with just gradual info drips about what Death Stranding is, and would get the game out on the PlayStation 4 as Sony planned.

The second bit of info comes from a pre-order page that went live a little too early. In it, we get some gameplay information, as well as a look at the pre-order content for Death Stranding. Looks like some golden equipment, including a hat, sunglasses, armor, and a "speed skeleton," which seems to be an amplifying brace for your legs. "Sam Bridges must brave a world transformed by the Death Stranding," says the description of the game. "Carrying the remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world."

It'll be nice to get a more concrete idea of what Death Stranding actually is today, as we've mostly had vague hints and trailers to go on until now. Well, those and Kojima's quotes about it being about the internet. We'll learn more about the game later today, but to catch up on all things Death Stranding, check out our Death Stranding guide.

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