Death Stranding on PC Won't Be an Epic Exclusive

Death Stranding on PC Won't Be an Epic Exclusive

And everyone breathed a short sigh of relief.

In the ongoing launcher war between Valve and Epic, it looks like Death Stranding won't be picking a side. The PlayStation console-exclusive will make its PC debut on both Steam and Epic, 505 Games confirmed today.

Death Stranding, which launched today for the PlayStation 4, was confirmed to be coming to PC last week via publisher 505 Games. In a press release today, the 505 confirmed that both Steam and the Epic Games Store would carry Death Stranding when it launches for PC in summer 2020.

Pre-orders and store pages have already gone live for both, but this answers the one major lingering question many PC owners likely had after last week's announcement. 505 Games has published several PC ports, including Control, which ended up being Epic Games Store exclusives. And while the Epic Games Store gets fair bit of dislike, warranted or not, in some cases, this announcement means we won't endure another round of outrage over it. Breathe easy folks, our national crisis has been averted.

Our review of Death Stranding went live last week, where we called it the boldest and most perplexing game of 2019. It's a game that defies a lot of expectations, even when it's stumbling to nail every moment. Now, PC players have a few options to check it out once it hits both stores next summer.

If you've already picked up Death Stranding and are looking for some tips, be sure to check out our guides section for all the info you need. Keep tuned for more guides as well, including discussion of Death Stranding's story; it's about as wild as the press tour for the game has been, so you'll probably have a few lingering questions even after the credits roll.

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