Death Stranding PC Speculation Based in Part on Mistranslation

Death Stranding PC Speculation Based in Part on Mistranslation

A key part of the Death Stranding PC rumor was mistranslated.

Death Stranding finally has a release date, and it's coming out this November for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. But some fans are holding out for a PC version of Death Stranding that may or may not even exist. That's because recent comments from Italian journalist Antoni Fucito suggested a PC version was incoming. Now Fucito says that his words were mistranslated.

Fucito is the same journalist who discovered the release date for Death Stranding early and accurately. As such, his coverage of Death Stranding has gained more scrutiny from fans eagerly waiting for Hideo Kojima's next game.

ResetEra translated some of Fucito's other Death Stranding coverage from its original Italian. One of the statements Fucito made while on Twitch was translated as, "The PS4 cover didn't have the 'only on PS' label because [Death Stranding is] coming to PC at a later date[.]"

This kicked off a wave of speculation that Death Stranding isn't a PlayStation exclusive as previously believed. After all, Kojima Productions isn't a Sony first-party studio, and similar studios with close relationships to the PlayStation brand like Quantic Dream still released their games on PC.

However, Fucito has told USG that his comments were mistranslated. "On the timed exclusive they misinterpreted my Italian... I just speculated on official and unofficial information."

Information regarding a PC version of Death Stranding has been around for years, so it's completely possible that Fucito was just going off things that were reported before. In 2015 a deleted Medium Q&A between Kojima Productions and PlayStation EU seemingly confirmed that Death Stranding was coming to PC.

There is the matter of Death Stranding's use of the Decima Engine too, a proprietary engine developed by Guerrilla Games, a Sony Worldwide Studio. The use of an engine that technically belongs to Sony could make bringing Death Stranding to PC more complicated.

This too has been explained away online because Kojima himself said that Guerrilla provided him a source code for the Decima Engine before any contracts were signed. But that doesn't mean contracts weren't drafted after the fact.

We reached out to Sony to ask if it'd like to comment on the rumors online about Death Stranding coming to PC. All we know for sure is that Death Stranding is coming to PS4 on November 8. Check out our Death Stranding guide for more of our coverage on Kojima's trippy new action-adventure game.

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