Death Stranding Tease Points to Reveal Tomorrow

Death Stranding Tease Points to Reveal Tomorrow

Something is coming, but who knows what?

We're closing in on kickoff for E3 2019, but it looks like some folks are a little antsy to get their news out early. Kojima Productions is teasing something involving its upcoming game Death Stranding for tomorrow.

The build-up started with a vague video posted on May 26, showing someone moving inside a handprint outline and a dark void of oily water surrounding it. The following day, Kojima Productions tweeted some art for Death Stranding and some text: "The countdown of #DEATHSTRANDING has started... May 29th. Create the rope."

The account has since posted another vague video and a second version of that above art, this time saying "help us reconnect," this morning. It seems Kojima Productions is building up to its own big news release, separate from the hubbub of E3.

Kojima Productions is likely getting this out of the way now due to Sony's decision to skip E3 this year. Even if it seems like Death Stranding won't be a part of the event, this is still a good time of year to make your big announcement, when everyone is especially tuned in to news, rumors, and leaks. We'll see what Kojima has in store for us sometime tomorrow, at a time unspecified as of this writing.

If you want to keep up with all the goings-on at this year's E3, be sure to check out our guide to the big dance.

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