Death Stranding's Repetitive B.T. Warning Cutscenes Can Now Be Turned Off

Death Stranding's Repetitive B.T. Warning Cutscenes Can Now Be Turned Off

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You can now disable one of the most common mechanics in all of Death Stranding. In the latest patch to be deployed by Kojima Productions, there's the ability to decrease the amount of times you're warned about BTs being nearby.

BTs are the ghostly enemies you'll encounter out in Death Stranding's open world areas. The Odradek scanner attached to the shoulder of protagonist Sam would go off every time you came within proximity of a new group of BTs, playing out the same animation every time.

The menu option for the Odradek animation. | Sony/Kojima Productions

Now though, you can go into the game settings menu of Death Stranding and select the 'First Time Only' option for the 'BT Encounter Warning.' This means the full animation for the Odradek scanner popping off from Sam's shoulder will only play the very first time you encounter a group of BTs in any one open world area.

If you select this option, the scanner will simply pop up without the full animation every successive time you run into a group of BTs. As Hideo Kojima notes in his tweet about the feature, a fair few Death Stranding players were asking for the option to disable or lessen the Odradek animation, and the latter option is now available.

This is welcome news indeed if you're tired of pausing to wait out the same animation over and over. Death Stranding is out now on PS4, but it's still slated for launch in Summer 2020 on PC.

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