Death Stranding's New Gameplay Demo Seems to Confirm Theory About Sam's Blood and Other Fluids

Death Stranding's New Gameplay Demo Seems to Confirm Theory About Sam's Blood and Other Fluids

The unexpected, unofficial Bloodborne follow-up.

Death Stranding has been ripe for fan theories up to this point, but the recent info dump from Tokyo Game Show 2019 seems to have confirmed at least one thing. Protagonist Sam Bridges seems to have a special way of dealing with BTs, the spectral apparitions haunting Death Stranding's America: his bodily fluids.

During the gameplay trailer, an item description for a Bola Gun that fires immobilizing wires specifically mentions Sam's internalized ability to deal with BTs. "The wires used are in fact strands infused with Sam's blood, so are also effective against BTs."

You have to wonder how he first discovered that specific interaction. | Kojima Productions

It was theorized in the past that Sam's blood had certain properties against the BTs. In The Game Awards 2017 teaser (wow, time really flies), you can hear a sound when the BT steps on the patch of ground where Sam has bled, almost like a hissing, as if it's burned by contact.

In last night's gameplay demo, several weapons were shown to utilize Sam's fluids as a weapon. A "blood grenade" gets tossed at the giant boss Sam fights, and another item description specifies Sam's general body fluids as its payload. "Capsule made of Sam's condensed body fluids collected from the shower," the description reads.

Footage from other trailers seem to hint at "blood bullets" as well, with a meter under Sam's handgun specifying the "ml," or milliliters, of some fluid remaining. All of it points to at least Sam's blood, if not other general secretions, being capable of harming or dissuading attacking BTs. It could be, potentially, due to his blood containing DOOMS, a mysterious illness in the world of Death Stranding.

Honestly, all of this continues to baffle me, the self-appointed theory gatherer for Death Stranding here at USgamer. In Death Stranding, you're able to pee on command, you'll meet mothers with ghost babies, and potentially see cameos from whoever found time to stop by Hideo Kojima's office. Frankly, fluid bombs are only the third weirdest thing about Death Stranding so far.

If you want to read more about the massive gameplay showcase from last night's TGS 2019 stage presentation, be sure to check out our breakdown of the footage.

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