Death Stranding's Next Update Will Combat Vehicle Griefing

Death Stranding's Next Update Will Combat Vehicle Griefing

No more trolling with trucks.

Hauling cargo across the country in Death Stranding isn't supposed to be a breeze, but it Kojima Productions recognizes that certain things are making it unnecessarily hard. Death Stranding's next update, coming later this month, will tweak a few of those aspects to make the wet, rocky wastes a little bit easier to handle.

A new clip posted to the Kojima Productions Twitter demonstrates how deleting vehicles will work in-game and shows off a big change coming to how Sam's Odradek scanner works. The tweet accompanying the clip also indicates that the previously promised option for increasing the text size in Death Stranding's UI is still planned for the mid-December update.

Last week, Kojima Productions announced it would add an option for deleting vehicles after numerous accounts of how vehicles could be used grief other players. Since Death Stranding players can come across structures and vehicles left by other players, it wasn't too long before jerks figured out they could place vehicles to block entrances and impede player progress. Soon, you'll be able to clear away those pesky obstacles with a button press.

Once the update is released, players will be able to see the Odradek scanner through whatever cargo Sam has loaded on his back. This simple change should make it easier to avoid BTs whilst lugging comically large stacks of boxes to their final destinations-never again will you blame a pizza box for lowering your situational awareness.

If you've got issues besides vehicle griefing and being jumped by BTs, give USG's guides section for Death Stranding a gander.

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