Death Stranding's Official Box Art Shows Off the Many Faces of Norman Reedus

Death Stranding's Official Box Art Shows Off the Many Faces of Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus, and also, Norman Reedus.

The first looks at Death Stranding's box art were shown this last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. During a panel hosted by Hideo Kojima, the game creator unveiled the art that would be on store shelves this coming November.

The base version of the game shows Norman Reedus, as protagonist Sam Bridges, clad in his rain suit. Over his shoulder is the flashing-light tool that seems to spot BTs for folks travelling the world of Death Stranding. On the steelbook cover, Sam is in the same gear but without the light tool and his hood down. His skin seems like it's decaying in a very unpleasant manner, perhaps related to the rainfall in the world of Death Stranding.

At the panel, Kojima was joined by film director and Death Stranding cast member Nicolas Winding Refn, who plays Heartman. Kojima also reportedly showed off some footage from the game featuring Refn's Heartman, though that has yet to surface. We'll be sure to grab it if we can find it somewhere.

Death Stranding is set for a release date of November 8, but in the meantime, there are plenty of trailer analyses and fan theories to dive into. Whatever a "strand game" might be, it seems like it takes place across varying lengths of time, involves some sort of Upside Down world, and uses babies to counteract spooky ghosts. It's a Kojima game, so there's plenty of trailer fodder to dive into and debate. We'll see how true any of our guesses are in November.

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