Deep Silver Builds Working Dubstep Gun

Apparently twiddling its thumbs ahead of the release of Saints Row IV, a team at Deep Silver has recreated the game's iconic weapon.

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Saints Row IV features a wonderful blend of predictable and outlandish weaponry, much of which is simply presented to you over the course without any sort of explanation or justification beyond "you'll have fun with this."

Probably the most well-known of all the offensive items in Saints Row IV is the Dubstep Gun, a weapon that resembles a cross between a bazooka and a boombox, and which fires out devastating sound waves as bolts of explosive lightning while making everyone in the vicinity dance like a robot to the wub-wub-wub beats of the music emanating from it.

Wouldn't you like to own one for yourself? Well, a team at Deep Silver that apparently felt the world needed the Dubstep Gun to be a real thing has actually built one. And it works, too, though only for playing music -- it doesn't actually shoot out bolts of visible sound waves, nor does it actually kill people.


The Dubstep Gun replica features four inputs: line-in, SD card, two USB ports and radio connectivity. It comes with an SD card pre-loaded with dubstep tracks from the Saints Row IV soundtrack, and can be "fired" at will using a trigger-controlled play and pause function. It also has a suitable array of flashing lights, a shiny pearlescent finish and makes use of a rechargeable battery allowing for up to an hour of use -- certainly enough to stand outside the window of someone you really dislike and irritate them for a while. (Note: USgamer does not endorse the use of the Dubstep Gun for this purpose.)

The team behind this obnoxious piece of noisemaking paraphernalia will only be crafting three Dubstep Guns in total, and Deep Silver suggests that dedicated Saints Row fans will be able to get their hands on them somehow in the near future. Details of exactly how that will be decided are yet to be announced, however.

Saints Row IV, meanwhile, will be with us on August 20 -- watch out for our review soon.

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