Demon's Souls Players Bid Farewell to a Beautiful and Painful Part of Their Past

Demon's Souls Players Bid Farewell to a Beautiful and Painful Part of Their Past

Good night, sweet Prince of Hell.

With all the times Demon's Souls for the PlayStation 3 killed us, crushed our wills, and generally made us suffer, we wouldn't be sad to see the sadistic game go offline. Nevertheless, the Internet weeps for the final shutdown of Demon's Souls' servers.

While you can still play Demon's Souls as a single-player game, the lack of servers means the action-RPG loses the traits that make it (and subsequent Souls games) stand out. You can no longer engage in cooperative play, or PVP, or see hint messages and warnings from other players.

FromSoftware switched on the servers for Demon's Souls in 2009, so it's had a respectable run. Twitter is still abuzz with fans paying tribute to a fallen pioneer that changed how game players cooperate and interact online.

Dark Souls' U.S. publisher, Atlus, also tipped its hat.

For some, the new freedom is bittersweet.

The Demon's Souls subreddit, which hosted a big fan community jamboree while counting down the servers' last days (including an event called "Last chance to Scraping Spear the shit out of noobs, y'all"), is also teeming with goodbyes. "MalBash" made a thread titled "The saddest image you will ever see," and all it has is one self-explanatory picture.


I knew I'd be sad about this, but I had no idea I'd be this upset," writes "Girthquake42" in another thread. "Even though the online was practically dead before the server shutdown notice, it was still nice seeing 'The true Demon's Souls starts here.'"

Sadly, all used-up souls must move on from this plane and make way for new spirits. FromSoftware's not done hurting us. Not by a long shot.

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