Souls Speedrunner Finally Opens Demon's Souls Mysterious Locked Door

Souls Speedrunner Finally Opens Demon's Souls Mysterious Locked Door

A sick new set of armor was hiding inside.

When players discovered a strange new door in Bluepoint Games' remake of Demon's Souls, they launched a campaign to discover what was behind it. Yesterday evening, that search concluded.

As players have been breaking down what's changed with the new game, a new door behind a mysterious new illusory wall was discovered. Though there was a prompt to open it with something, no one had any idea what would do the job. Players started ticking off a list of various accomplishments and actions that could factor in: whether a player had the Platinum or not, if they were wearing certain sets or holding various items, and more. Still, the door wouldn't budge.

Use of the game's photo mode and some out-of-bounds shenanigans could confirm what was behind the door—seemingly just a small area with an item pick-up—but not how to get there. And what's up with these ceramic coins, anyways?

As Souls speedrunner Distortion2 lays out in a video from yesterday, players discovered that by playing on Fractured Mode and changing their world tendency, there was an entirely new item to pick up: a ceramic coin. A treasure hunt ensued, and over the course of the day, players found many, many coins tucked away throughout Demon's Souls.

Distortion2 discovered that if you gave 30 of the coins to a specific NPC, they would give you a rusted key in return. With enthusiasm, he jetted over to the mysterious door and found that yes, indeed, it was the right key for the right door. After killing a few inconsequential enemies, Distortion2 opened the door and found a gorgeous vista, with a full armor set waiting beyond. The reward was Penetrator's Armor, a pretty sick set with lots of pointy edges.

This is fairly similar to the secret room that Bluepoint added to Shadow of the Colossus, which added a new sword. And while it might not be the massive epic some hoped for, it's a neat little side pick-up and a way to reward the folks who pick these games apart. Souls games always have their mysteries, and the addition of one more to start off this generation is pretty neat.

Demon's Souls is currently available on PlayStation 5.

Lead image via Distortion2/Twitter.

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