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Today's a very busy day for Destiny 2 news, thanks to a big reveal event by Bungie. You might even say we have a date with destiny! … Sorry.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal - Watch it Here - Beta Release Date, Clans, Trailer, Special Editions - Everything We Know

Guardians will unite to gun their way across the galaxy later this year, when Bungie releases Destiny 2.

On top of giving us news about Destiny 2's Clans, its new Guided Games social system, and telling us the PC version of the game will be distributed and handled through Blizzard's instead of Steam, we also learned a beta of Destiny 2 is coming soon.

When? We don't know yet. Mid- through- late July seems like a good bet: The beta for the original Destiny launched in July before the final game dropped on September 9. You can read USgamer's impressions of the original Destiny to get an idea of what might be included in Destiny 2's beta.

If you've pre-ordered Destiny 2 at a retailer or online, you can head over to Bungie's official site to unlock your beta key.

Destiny 2 hits PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 8. You can find all the information we have about the game at this convenient resource.

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  • Avatar for Ralek #1 Ralek 11 months ago
    Decent PvP (if ever marred by myriad balancing issues) plus a great thrill when first experiencing a raid or even the Trials of Osiris - the remaining couple of hundred hours, it is mechanically speaking a mediocre grind-fest, that can be somewhat enjoyable, if you have the right people along for the ride.

    If you're solo and/ or if you really dislike repetitiveness to the point of absurdity, it's best to give Destiny a wide berth - at least that is my take-away from the game after all this time. I can't even imagine a sequel that would build on the things Destiny did right, while doing away with the stuff that was just awful. The latter is so deeply ingrained in the DNA of the whole undertaking, that it makes the former look more like an accidental by-product.
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  • Avatar for airulaltarf98 #2 airulaltarf98 10 months ago