Destiny 2 Beta Reactions are Mostly Mixed, Especially on the Hunter Class

Destiny 2 Beta Reactions are Mostly Mixed, Especially on the Hunter Class

Players sound off on the Destiny 2 beta on social media.

I spent about an hour in the Destiny 2 beta yesterday night, having managed to beat the opening mission and getting in a match in the Crucible before going to bed. While that's hardly enough time to formulate any concrete opinions about a beta, the internet is already swarming with reactions from fans about the Destiny 2 beta. What do they like, what don't they like? Let's find out.

While wading through the Twitter mentions for Destiny 2 pulled up accounts that were either giving away beta keys, or accounts asking for beta keys, I managed to find a couple honest opinions about the beta. However, given how early we all are into the Destiny 2 beta, the opinions are hardly uniform.

The main complaints I've seen leveled at the Destiny 2 beta are the same complaints I've seen when the sequel was first announced. Namely that there aren't enough changes to justify the fact that this game is a sequel.

On Reddit, the discusssions are a little more in-depth with commentors digging into Destiny 2 beta's weeds. One Reddit post titled, "Does anybody else feel that the gameplay doesn't feel as...crisp?" lobs a complaint at one of the things Destiny is routinely praise for: its shooting.

"First off, I've have been enjoying the beta so far," writes original poster PixelMcG33. "The story mission was great, the strike was good (and exploring Nessus is pretty fun), and I am enjoying the PvP modes. I'm loving it all, but I feel there is one thing a little... off. Hitting precision shots on a Cabal soldier or enemy Guardian doesn't feel as solid as it is in D1, or at least to me. Something just feels off, I can't really tell what."

Another Reddit post is dedicated to players who are just simply left unimpressed by the beta.

One topic that's generating a bunch of discussion on the Destiny subreddit is about the Hunter class. Beta testers are questioning if the Hunter isn't...well, useless in the sequel.

"Dear Bungie, The biggest problem with the game in current state is the Hunter class ability. It absolutely needs to be redesigned." writes one user about the subclass. "Can anyone tell me what utility Hunters can bring to a raid?" asks another Reddit topic. Our recent post about the six takeaways from the Destiny 2 beta even highlights the Hunter conundrum, going so far as to say that Hunter mains might want to reconsider when picking up Destiny 2.

Of course, for every Reddit post coming out against the changes made to the Hunter class, there are several commenters coming in defense of the new Hunter class, and in particular how well the class works in PvP. I'm actually a Hunter main in the first Destiny. But again haven't had enough serious time with the beta to form an opinion about the class other than I had to look up how to perform a dodge and then promptly never used the ability.

If there is one thing we can agree on, it's that the platforming puzzle towards the end of the Destiny 2 Homecoming campaign mission was very hard.

"The real boss of D2," writes one commenter.

Have you played the Destiny 2 beta yet? If so how do you feel about it? I'm especially curious as to see what you Hunter mains have to say about the changes.

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