Gambit is a New PvPvE Mode in Destiny 2: Forsaken That Lets You "Invade" Your Opponents

Gambit is a New PvPvE Mode in Destiny 2: Forsaken That Lets You "Invade" Your Opponents

"Invade" other players while fending off the horde.

As part of today's Destiny 2: Forsaken reveal, Bungie detailed "Gambit," the new PvPvE multiplayer mode coming to the game when the expansion releases on September 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gambit is a 4v4 multiplayer mode where two sets of teams compete against each other on separate battlefields. The two teams independently fight off against hordes of enemies, collecting motes that they can then bank. After one team collects enough motes in their respective banks, a deadly enemy is summoned for the enemy team, and their bank will be locked down until they defeat their new foe.

At various parts of the match, each team can send over exactly one member to the other battlefield to "invade" the enemy team. My first reaction was, "Oh cool like Dark Souls," but that's strictly because anytime I hear "invade" and PvP that's where my mind goes. The asymmetrical gameplay is intriguing however, and I look forward to seeing if I can try it out at E3 next week.

Activision first teased the new mode at an investor's call earlier this year where the company announced that playtesters were already giving "Gambit" positive feedback. Bungie says it will be doing more playtests leading up to Forsaken's September release.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is the next expansion coming to Bungie's live FPS-MMO. Aside from a new portion of the Reef to explore, Forsaken will come with a new Raid, new Supers, and a host of other quality of life improvements you can read about here.

For more, you can check out our Destiny 2 Forsaken guide with all the latest info. Destiny 2 was also confirmed for E3 2018, so check back in next week when we get more details on the new expansion.

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