Destiny 2 Still Not Meeting Expectations Even After Forsaken, Activision Says

Activision says the series' fans are in wait-and-see mode.

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Activision Blizzard held its quarterly financial review today and it seemed like a down quarter for the company. Activision did not mince words, especially when it came to Destiny 2 which despite launching the major Forsaken update "underperformed" for Activision.

In a call with investors Activision announced that monthly active users for Destiny 2 grew quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year thanks to the Forsaken expansion. However, Forsaken still underperformed Activision's expectations. "Some of our other franchises like Destiny are not performing as well as we'd like," the company said during the call.

Destiny 2 has had a rocky trajectory ever since its launch in 2017. Despite a hyped-up launch, players just didn't resonate with Destiny 2's streamlined approach to the franchise, microtransaction practices, and gameplay adjustments. Many said Destiny 2 failed its fanbase.

Like "The Taken King" expansion for the first Destiny, Forsaken was supposed to lead Destiny 2 into its second year after months of incremental, quality-of-life changes. Forsaken added better rewards, a new raid, and robust endgame content and we reviewed parts of Forsaken positively.

Still Activision is rallying for Destiny to pick up steam. Activision believes Destiny fans are in a "wait-and-see" state with the series right now which Activision is hoping to capitalize on. This could explain why Activision offered Destiny 2 for free on both PC and PS Plus in recent months.

Whatever the case, Destiny 2 is still not in the best position at Activision right now and the company knows it. How this news affects Destiny 2's development going forward is unclear.

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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #1 NiceGuyNeon 12 days ago
    They even made destiny 2 free the other day on pc which I now assume is maybe in the hopes of getting more people to buy Forsaken. I claimed a copy but tbh, I'm not even sure if I'll play it with how many truly wonderful games are available now.
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  • Avatar for WiIIyTheAntelope #2 WiIIyTheAntelope 11 days ago
    @NiceGuyNeon It was free on PSN+ last month or maybe the month prior (can't remember for sure) and before that it was free in the Humble Bundle monthly thingy. So it must have been a massive sales disappointment in comparison to the first. Like you..I claimed a copy, but I highly doubt I'll ever play it. There's just way too many high quality games out at this point to waste my time playing a dull grindathon like Destiny.
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  • Avatar for hamfighter #3 hamfighter 11 days ago
    I got three free *physical* copies of Destiny 2 from Best Buy near Forsaken launch, they were giving away a copy of the base game for Xbox One or PS4 with any PS4/Xbox game purchase. Gave one to my Halo-loving father-in-law, kept a copy for each system. Installed it on my Xbox One, haven’t played it yet.
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  • Avatar for Nazo #4 Nazo 11 days ago
    I played through the D2 base campaign when it was free on PS+ and although it was fun it made me wistful for the days when games came with manuals that explained their various systems. Even at the end I still had no idea what most of the icons etc meant and most the guides I found online were aimed at players migrating from D1 or highlighting what was new in Forsaken.
    They should try to make it more newbie friendly if they want new players.
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